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I think I'm depressed....I haven't been depressed since I was 19!

I am just in a funk, my thoughts are negative all the time...I dwell on the negatives in my life, and think the worst of myself, feelings of worthlessness.....I've been staying up most of the night and sleeping in until 2:00 in the afternoon for a couple of weeks now. I've tried talking to my therapist about it thinking that if I just had some self disciplen or something...I am really struggling to fix it.
nedkelly · 61-69, M
You need to find inner peace before you can move forward from the negative demons you have. You are NOT a worthless lady at all, you have many things in your life with are positive
Believe it or not, it's a good sign
You can address the negative beliefs
Eddiesolds · 61-69, M
I feel for you.Dont let the doctor give you anti depressants.youre better off without them.You can come out of it.maybe change your routine a bit.try to add some change.get your.mind else where.I know it's hard.beleive me.but it works.
BlackHeart · 31-35, M
Sorry 😢 depression isnt easy and the solution can sometimes seem impossible. I've struggled daily with depression since i was 12, it doesn't get easier. What ever it is thats making you depressed you need to work on it or it will destroy you slowly
S2dio57 · M
Get up earlier and go for a walk - start your day with a vision of accomplishment-
What’s your goal ?
Find it and do it... !
It’s easier than you think 😎👍🏽
I feel for you... what you do feel is depressing you?
schizosaint · 41-45, F
@SW-User remembering the bad and forgetting the good. Or not enough good things happening in my life and my husband and his buddies always putting me down.
@schizosaint I can feel towards that. Do you feel there is anyway you can change that?
schizosaint · 41-45, F
@SW-User well....I've tried changing how my husband treats me...he only got meaner. I think he is the problem....but if I divorce him I would lose everything thus putting me in an even worse place.

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