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The earth laughs through flowers and trees-curiosities (our trees)

"In a forest of one hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are the same. And there are no two journeys on the same path."- Paulo Coelho
Trees are some of the oldest and longest-living organisms on earth. The trees are very strong. A small bud is quite capable of making its way even through thick and durable asphalt.
Of the more than 60,000 known tree species, more than half are endemic, that is, they are found in one place. Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia have the most tree species.
It is estimated that there are now more than 46% fewer trees than at the beginning of human civilization.
Trees retain carbon from the atmosphere, become homes for birds and wildlife, and can even improve our mental state. Medical studies have shown that a person walking through the forest slows down his pulse and evens out his heartbeat.
Trees "migrate" to escape climate change, they keep the air clean, reduce noise levels, improve water quality, prevent soil erosion, provide food and building material, shade, etc.
Trees help cool cities because they not only give us shade, but they can also mitigate extreme temperatures by sweating: they absorb solar radiation and release water into the air through the leaves.
Evaporation of moisture through the leaves and shade of trees reduce the annual expenditure on cooling rooms.
A tree produces about 113 kilograms of oxygen per year. This means that two mature trees can produce enough oxygen to cover the annual oxygen needs for a family of four. Trees of different species produce different amounts of oxygen. Trees really reduce the greenhouse effect, the main reason for which is the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Trees receive 8-10 times more nutrients from the atmosphere than from the soil.
Trees extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and are therefore crucial in air purification. They can also use their leaves to filter out toxic particles and gases in the air, such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide.
A tree can absorb per year an amount of carbon dioxide equal to the amount produced by an automobile as a result of traveling 41.8 thousand kilometers. During its lifetime, a tree can absorb a ton of carbon dioxide.
Trees can reduce our stress levels and help us feel happier and healthier.
Trees can "talk" to each other and send danger signals to each other when attacked.
Trees cannot flee if their leaves are devoured by a hungry herbivore. Instead, it releases chemicals – volatile organic compounds – to warn members of the same species that there is a threat in the area.
When besieged by insects or parasites, some plant species, among which are Apple, tomato and cucumber, release into the air compounds to which the predators of their attackers are attracted.
The average life span of trees within the city range is only 8 years. The maximum life span of trees in nature is: Apple - up to 200 years, pear – up to 300 years, European pine – 500 years, Oak – 1000 years, Juniper – up to 1500 years.
It takes an average of a quarter of a million trees to produce a million tons of paper. For the production of an A4 sheet, an average of 15-20 grams of wood is required.
To save a single tree from felling, it takes recycling about 80 kg of waste paper.
No photo could truly capture the greatness of the tallest trees in the world: sequoia. The tallest specimen is called the Hyperion and is 115.85 meters; it is taller than Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty.
In California there is another amazing sequoia tree: General Sherman, considered the tree with the largest volume. It stretches to 83.8 meters in height and is 7.7 meters in diameter.
The oldest tree is in California National Park. He is called the eternal God, and according to estimates of scientists, this tree is 12 thousand years old, although some claim it is only 7,000 years old.
The award for the thickest tree trunk in the world is won by Arbol del Tule, a Montezuma cypress in the mexican state of Oaxaca. The diameter is 11.6 meters and the circumference is 42 meters,
So we have chosen to live with gratitude for your love our trees, which fill our hearts, for the peace that rests in our spirits and souls, and The Voice of hope that says that all things are possible and we hope you will accompany us everywhere..
A forest of you, our trees, is too much of a spectacle for a man to see. Thank you and please forgive us for all the evils done to you over time by us and the species to which we belong.
4meAndyou · F
Groves of Aspen trees in Colorado have been proven to be a single organism!!! ALL of their roots are connected, and they communicate danger through their root systems.

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