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I "Got The Belt" When I Was A Teenager

When I was a freshman in high school the school resource officer found marijuana in my locker and I was expelled from school for remainder of the year and I also was in violation of my probation I was on for theft and my single mom talked my probation officer into allowing me to transfer to Oklahoma where she was going to send me to live with my aunt Judy and her new husband Kenny a corrections officer at the local prison who had raised four children and was supposed to have turned my cousin Katy around after marrying Judy and becoming her stepdad and my new probation officer would access punishment for having weed. Two days later I was on a bus in Oklahoma wearing my usual jeans T-shirt and barefoot when aunt Judy came to pick me up and she was real cold and on the way home told me she was real disappointed in me and that I was going to have rules to obey and that my uncle Kenny would go over them with me when he got home in an hour so when we got home she showed me my bedroom but wouldn’t allow me to unpack because Kenny wanted to search my belongings so we sat in living room and visited until Kenny arrived and shook my hand and immediately started going over rules and the consequences were either a wood paddle or leather belt and I would not get any warnings because I clearly had been told the rules and he had aunt Judy take me to their bedroom closet to show me his collection of wood paddles with holes and heavy leather belts she said I would have to choose from when I was going to receive punishment and then she said I would be required to completely disrobe to receive it and if Kenny has me choose a leather belt after undressing I would have to lay on my stomach on their bed and if he said paddle I was to get on my hands and knees beside their bed to receive it. We had supper and then I went to my bedroom where my aunt brought me an alarm clock and said even though I had no school this year that I would have chores and was to get up and shower daily at 6:30 and also I had to meet my new po at 8:00 next morning and I was up before my alarm and showered and put on my faded jeans and T-shirt but Judy made me wear flip flops to meeting and my new po informed me that I was going to do the maximum ten days in juvenile hall for marijuana violation and any future violations would be sent to juvenile hall for a year and she told my aunt and we walked over to prison and told Kenny and he said he new the guards at juvenile hall and I was not going to enjoy my time there. On the ride home i got a call from my mom and was being really rude and disrespectful to her when Judy pulled over and took the telephone and called Kenny and made me tell him how I spoke to my mom and he informed me that he would come home for lunch and I was going to receive the belt and then told Judy to have me ready when he got home in about two hours so as soon as we got home she took me to their bedroom and I picked out my first leather belt and was sent to my bedroom until ten minutes before Kenny got home she took me to their bedroom and told me to completely disrobe and fold my clothes neatly and get into position and when Kenny got home he came to the bedroom and Judy handed him the leather belt which he folded in half and snapped several Times before telling me I was to lay still and accept what I was about to receive and he then gave me fifteen severe licks across my bottom and upper legs and sent me to my bedroom without my clothes and I laid in my bed and cried until Judy came in and told me I could put on some loose fitting shorts and now I’m 18 and going to junior college in the same town so I still have to live with them and about twice a month kenny takes me to their bedroom for the belt and even my aunt Judy paddles me and it’s embarassing getting it at 18 and having to disrobe but I accept their correction and have learned from it.
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
Glad you have been able to get something positive out of all this misery and punishment. That speaks well of you. Too bad you didn't live here in California where weed is legal.
@greenmountaingal yes ma’am and getting the belt from my uncle is horrible but he believes I need it and it helps
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
@SW-User Adult children or adolescents should not be punished the way you describe. Probably not much you can do about it. Except look for a job and move out ASAP. Can you do that? The point of growing up is to learn to be responsible for yourself, not become someone's adult child fully under their control. It's the ability to control oneself that turns one into an adult.
@greenmountaingal yes ma’am I work part time and I’m trying...I received the belt last night and it hurt so bad
MikeSp · 56-60, M
Glad to hear you have been raised by a loving couple who knows how to parent and discipline kids. Hopefully, you are maturing quickly and won't need anymore discipline of this type. Several years ago, you could have easily gone down a wrong path and might not be here today. Study hard and be the best at what you do, and humanity will be better for what you contribute.
@MikeSp Thank u sir and I know it was for my own good
StrictSouthernHOH · 46-50, M
I am glad you accept your uncle's and aunt's punishments. Resistance sounds futile unless you are prepared to have them arrested for assault and battery. Does your aunt paddle you much?
@StrictSouthernHOH she paddles me about once a month
StrictSouthernHOH · 46-50, M
@SW-User Do you get it about monthly from your uncle, too? I was paddled well into my teens, too.
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M

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