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There are too many vehicles on the roads! If there was a voting referendum on who gets banned from driving, Who would get the heave ho and why?

Poll - Total Votes: 19
Trepidatious old farts.
Young crazies.
Courteous, sane drivers, and let the rest eradicate themselves.
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LilPrincess41-45, F
Remove the sane drivers and let natural selection take its course 馃槖
Primnproper56-60, F
Zero tolerance on drink, speeding.. get rid of them. lol
Retesting from 65 and over.
Stop lazy parents driving their kids to school instead of walking like we all did when our kids were young. Now they just clog up the roads. Waits for the backlash! 馃槀
Picklebobble256-60, M
One of the big driving associations in the UK is suggesting to the UK government that they up the age for learning to drive because the largest fatal accident group is 17-30.

But with a recent driving licence authority report suggesting the average number of lessons required to pass a test is now 45, many youngsters may no longer bother learning if the law changes.

Also begs the question where these authorities think the next generation of taxi drivers or bus drivers or HGV drivers are going to come from should the government act on it's findings.
calicuz51-55, M
I say we get rid of all cars and we all ride Bullet Trains!!! 馃槑
sladejr56-60, M
@calicuz rickshaws with you and the feather indians pulling them
calicuz51-55, M

Interesting how you "privileged old White men," conveniently play the "race card."
You like to use racist remarks towards Native Americans, and then when the "go back where you came from" topic comes up, you are conveniently 9% Cherokee, Navajo, or which ever tribe you can remember from your cowboy movies. 馃
sladejr56-60, M
@calicuz Yawn. Privilege, racism, where are the rest of the isms and phobics? Get your talking points instructed yet?

You are a leftist cartoon character. 1,000,000% tedious and predictable

Ps there are no "Native Americans". Everyone migrated from somewhere else
@NoThanksLeon 馃maybe my answer is a little controversial but it is a yes too what i call the silly little boy racers who think speed is king and drive like lunatics i see a lot of that where i come from .without solund ageist i think when you get too a certain age and you still drive i think you should take a aptitude test on simulators too make sure you are mental alert and sharp in certain situations
Adrift61-69, F
Road ragers and drunk drivers.
@Adrift Tailgaters.
Gringo46-50, M
Those who text while driving.
All of the above except me!
DDaverde56-60, M
Illegal aliens 鈥︹.
Plasticbag100+, M
Learner drivers
sladejr56-60, M
Death Race 2000. Winners stay on the road!
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