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Really useless things on SW - why have them?

Gets this:

And then there is this one:

Which gets you about the same thing as above.
TrashCat · M
When I use the "customize feed" button, I hear a Grindr notification
Fr I don’t see some posts until it gets old. 😒
deadteddy · 26-30, F
Yeah, the old feed was better.
I thought the “Customize Feed” button was for ordering food from SW?
pride49 · 26-30, M
@Ghostinthemachine after clicking you can choose McDonald's order items. For an sw member in a sex dungeon wearing a pig costume. It will automatically be deposited into their feed bowl.
@pride49 Now I know what that Mcds Special Sauce is 🤢
Blondily · F
I ignore those things but agree with you!
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
Ikrrrrrrr. Always 12hrs ago
All these little tabs and buttons keep you busy flipping between them all in desperation, so when a new post finally appears in your feed you feel it's worked .

One upon a time we had one feed tab.

That was it .

It showed you everything except the ones you were blocked from .

It's all we needed .

Now you can access the feed from :
The home tab
The custom tab
Your main feed tab
The forum tab
The new tab
The top tab
The ones you've seen tab

[b]7 tabs that do the same thing ![/b]....all this fucking around that does almost fuck all.

Why redesign the wheel when it already worked ?
Ontheroad · M
@OogieBoogie Exactly, it does not a f'ing bit of good. I just set my feed to this:

This, if it worked as it was supposed to work, would have shown me posts by time posted starting with the most recent.

What it gave me was posts starting 2 hours ago.
@Ontheroad ugh...I spent half a day flipping around with my settings and saw no real visible difference besides maybe an extra post or people I had no interest in .

And I REALLY stuffed around with it, trying different extremes and comparing it to my home feed .
At one point I had them set opposingly ....and yet when I looked sat the two feeds ....they were nearly identical .
Sometimes it seemed it made a bit of difference ....but once I looked at a post and returned to the seemed to lose the extra posts I saw .

(Sometimes this happens still when I first get on SW for the day . I go "oooh" my feed seems good - l go to a post , then when I return to the feed: all those other posts I saw are gone.
I even went through a stage of getting on, screen shotting straight away I could have a reference to look for those posts that dropped out of sight )

But.....That's when I gave up .

It's flipping ridiculous.

All this tapping, searching , checking this feed, that feed, forums ....blah blah blah .
Ugh 🙄

The only thing it's done is improve the texting dexterity of my thumbs.😂
DrWatson · 70-79, M
I use both of those. I find them helpful.
I like the views and likes counter
Virgo79 · 61-69, M
Known as a cluster f***😂
Maybe you should just always click the "new" tab (and potentially be ready to click "hide post" [i]a lot[/i] since there is no algorithmic goodness going on there, it's just a raw chronological feed)

and if you don't want to see that top button, then after you hit the browser's back button, just hit the F5 and refresh, and it won't be displayed as a courtesy to hide all the posts you'd already scrolled past so you wouldn't have to repeat the scrolling
Ontheroad · M
@BlueGreenGrey Yep, I only have one account.

I mean the "Custom feed" is set the same.
@Ontheroad hmmm, I usually login via Firefox, but I also just logged in via Vivaldi, and I keep refreshing the "New" feed in both browsers and see all the same posts in the same order
Ontheroad · M
@BlueGreenGrey I use Google and Edge. In the past, I've used Firefox and Vivaldi, just never installed them on my new PC. May have to give them a shot.
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iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
The whole customize feed button is useless lol
Yep, it's pointless

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