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People who say "we don't need that group" and "what do you think this site is for" are so vain 馃檮

There is no "[b]we[/b]" lmao. Stop talking about SW like it is and always will be the few loud dingleberries who appear daily on the front page.

It turns out that I was able to create the support-group which I wanted, with my other profile.

SW was created as a place for so called "EP-refugees" and EP was created based on the developer's own experience with having a friend who suffered from a severe, rare illness. Regardless, SW is for anything which anyone wants it to be.
LandOfOz61-69, M
Yes im happy for it to be a site where i can meet women who are happy to fulfill theirs and mine desires. Sometimes this leeds to other sites for an even greater experience
dontbekoi36-40, F
I'm glad you were able to form a support group. My cat had seizures and it is scary AF. I would not wish that upon anyone. 鉂わ笍
Highonheels51-55, M
I also created a forum / support group for crossdressers and the LGBTQIA+ communities to be able to talk to others that are similar to them which is pretty much the basis ot this site anyway to find people with similar interests and connect with them on a more personal level
For anyone who is interested please join us those who accept and support these grouos can also join us here
Gorps46-50, M
@Blanchy How does one form a group - would i have to be 'VIP'?
Gorps46-50, M
@Gorps Oh, and [quote]would I have to be 'VIP'?[/quote](to form a group)
Blanchy31-35, F
Blanchy31-35, F
@Blanchy No, you don't have to be VIP to create groups, you just need to have a had a profile here for a long time and not cause or engage with arguments.
I鈥檓 here a lot, but speak for no one 馃槅
Blanchy31-35, F
@WhateverWorks Not saying everyone who spends loads of time on SW are dingleberries but ehh.. 馃ぃ
Justferfuun136-40, M
Always a good reminder for most subjects.
Jstbanannas199131-35, F
What is an EP refugee?
dontbekoi36-40, F

Similar Worlds used to be called Experience Project. Experience Project closed and this site was created in its place. EP refugees are previous members of Experience Project (I think) 馃槉
Jstbanannas199131-35, F
@dontbekoi thanks!
Wolffy51-55, M
I agree also lol good point
Highonheels51-55, M
Amen girl , I completely agree
jehova31-35, M
Well said
This comment has received a Note or Correction by the SimilarWorlds staff.
"hate seeing new fetish groups ... I don鈥檛 understand bringing it here"

There are no "New Fetish Groups" brought to SimilarWorlds.
All such topics were imported along with all other topics, from EP, then later Consolidated.

Since participants of such topics have already migrated here from EP,
NOT having those Groups (Forums) available, will cause their conversations will spill over into other groups, where they don't belong.

We obviously don't want fetish users to start posting about "Diapers" in groups about "Child Care", "Parenting" and "Family", now do we?

The current group selections, at least helps to CONTAIN such topics, AWAY from the rest of the SW population, who are not interested in them.

Also, teen-aged users cannot see Fetish Content, neither Nudity, nor even "Adult Content" on SW.

Additionally, Fetish groups/topics rarely ever appear in feeds to unintended audiences (thanks to improvements in our smart feeds).

If you are seeing Fetish groups appearing in your feed, you can create a Support Ticket and inform us.

Otherwise, you likely won't see such groups appear in your feed, unless you are subscribed to them.

They (Fetish groups/posts) are not very visible or easy to locate in the first place, unless specifically searched for.
Personally, I just hate seeing new fetish groups. There are several sites specifically for that, so I don鈥檛 understand bringing it here, especially with a 13+ membership.
Damn! We're getting fact checked now? 馃槀
@SW-User If someone [b]reports[/b] you ? I don鈥檛 know鈥
@Blanchy I was replying to the "fact-checker".
No, there was nothing wrong with your content or it鈥檚 rating. Like I said, I thought maybe if you knew [b]why[/b] some people are uncomfortable with new groups it would make a difference. It didn鈥檛, you don鈥檛 care. Fine.

I also didnt initiate the comment about "dating sites" another poster did, and I was part of [b]that[/b] conversation.
But no worries, I will stay off your posts in future. I honestly thought you were a nicer person than you apparently are. 馃檨
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Zonuss41-45, M
This site is for everyone. Use it wisely.

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