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Users who posting edited or filtered selfies often

Ever post unflattering shots?

I wanna see 👀

Squirrel hunting trip last year with a few of the guys.
WaryWitchWandering · 31-35, F

My son’s baby shark towel while he was having bath… he was amused by me haha

Yours is not unflattering 🤷🏻‍♀️
WaryWitchWandering · 31-35, F
@Fragmented I don’t use filters
WaryWitchWandering · 31-35, F
@Fragmented well except for funny or obvious filters
Mooed78 · 41-45, F
Mooed78 · 41-45, F
@Teggy I am a cow by day and a robber by night lol
Degbeme · 70-79, M
@Mooed78 You off to rob a bank? 🤔
Mooed78 · 41-45, F
@Degbeme 👀yes
At my age dont like being seen without at least little makeup on. But there it is.
TexChik · F
@Becks048 sunburn looks good on you! 😉
@Teggy thanks!
@TexChik 😀 lol thanks
PerfectIllusion · 41-45, F
That's some serious squirrel hunting gear. 🤣

As embarrassing as this one is... I hate wearing glasses!
dominateofyou · 56-60, M
@PerfectIllusion Frames nee to be a little larger is all
PerfectIllusion · 41-45, F
@dominateofyou I have them and cant stand how big they are. These are my favorite when I have to rest my eyes from my contacts. 😊
dominateofyou · 56-60, M
@PerfectIllusion Wish i could wear contacts
TexChik · F
Really ? You go on hunting trips for squirrels?
I do it sometimes for the hell of it 😅

Here's me first waking up

Here's me with a creepy tongue

Here's me just under two years ago with no piercings or tattoos, just plain asf 😅

& Here's my body without a shirt just because I don't like it 🤷

I have more but these are just ones I've already shared here before 😅
@ChiefWalksWith40oz natural shots are the best man. And you a bosssssss 🤙
@Teggy if I add any filter its only to make it black & white 😅 I'm not experienced enough to take good photos lol.
But thanks man, that title is all you though 🙏
marsbar · F
Squirrel hunting Tegs? Do you cook them & eat them? 🤔 And you look cute in that pic. 🤓
marsbar · F
@Teggy So why hunt squirrels? Just for sport?

I know people eat squirrels. 🤭
@marsbar errr lol. I was kidding 🤣
marsbar · F
@Teggy So you do eat them. How do they taste?
deadteddy · F
My iPhone 14 camera is too good to give me unflattering selfies 😏 but this one might be

and gone 🌬️
@deadteddy missed it
theoldschoola · 41-45, M
@deadteddy How long do you leave your pics up for? 10 minutes?
Viper · M
I'm told humans don't like my tongue placement, though it's common in Viper pics
SlaveEt · 31-35, F
Oh he is Awesome! What kind of snake is it?
Viper · M
@SlaveEt I believe they got a couple of different names for the same snake but white-lipped island pit viper (also Trimeresurus insularis or Indonesian pit viper and more). They come in different colors, I think green the most common.
SlaveEt · 31-35, F
Yeah...i posted a pic of me touching my nose with my tongue
@InOtterWords I can do that too 🥺
@InOtterWords I missed it 😩
Fungirlmmm · 51-55
I think you are adorable
TexChik · F
Any photo I take with my glasses is unflattering 🤢 I will not scare anyone with those photos
20Twenty · M
SWAT tactical gear to hunt squirrels? Lol
@20Twenty Coms are important 😅
TurtleDreams · 22-25, F
Ok yeah I’d honestly date you. Didn’t know you looked like this
LRain ·
Cute.. i posted an ugly photo once .. but i like cute ones better 😅
wackidywack · 22-25
u still look noice here

[image deleted]
@V00doo 🥹 This is what I’m taking about! Real photos 😃🙏🙏
@Teggy Poking babies 🥰
Carissimi · 61-69, F
Squirrel hunting? Is that a thing? I never heard of it.
caccoon · 36-40
This is not unflattering you handsome butt 😤
@caccoon 🥹
iamonfire696 · 36-40, F
Why isn’t yours unflattering?
SkeetSkeet · 100+, F
TurtleDreams · 22-25, F
@MethDozer you is sexy

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