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When you find yourself blocked for no apparent reason.

I have been busy with life, came back after only a couple of days and found myself blocked and do not have a clue why. People here can be so silly .. but I鈥檓 just confused. Baffled 馃槓

Anyway, I do hope it makes you feel better.
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Peapod56-60, F
It has certainly happened to me and it's usually by someone that just wants an echo chamber.
[@711251,Peapod] Did you have respect for this person you speak of?
Peapod56-60, F
[@1143464,Curiositeintrigueedunefille] Oh heck no. If I got blocked by someone I considered a friend, I certainly would feel bad, especially if I had no idea why. That has not happened to me. Just about everyone that has ever blocked me happens to have a different view of politics from me. I figure they must have a pretty fragile ego since I never make personal attacks.
[@711251,Peapod] If you were civil even tho disagreed with them, I assure you they have an issue.. but yeah. I really think this is a nice person鈥 and I feel bad but it will indeed pass. I only hope she feels better having blocked me.
Peapod56-60, F
[@1143464,Curiositeintrigueedunefille] I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. I certainly have been blocked by people I thought I was getting along with, but obviously, I wasn't for them.

A sibling I am now estranged from was the kind of person that would be "sweet as pie" to a person's face, but behind their back, she would rage. The last conversation I had with her was this issue. I simply asked her why she just didn't tell people the "truth" if she didn't like something. Her response? To ax me from her life...again.

The point is, some people cannot handle conflict at all. They think in very black and white terms. I think some people feel to vulnerable to let [i]anyone[/i] close.

It would not shock me at all that this goes on here even more than real life. It's really hard to know what baggage people carry when you chat with them here.

Certainly don't take it on as something you could have prevented. I bet this person has done this to others as well.
[@711251,Peapod] All I know is this was one of the more stable, level headed people here. I haven鈥檛 a clue and can鈥檛 really even imagine why she felt the need to block me.. but don鈥檛 worry, even tho I get sad over people鈥檚 reactions here, I never take it on myself as having the problem (unless I was the actually the problem)..And I know dang well I鈥檝e never been nothing but nice to her and showed her respect.
Peapod56-60, F
[@1143464,Curiositeintrigueedunefille] This is sad and I know I would feel hurt if it happened to me.

I hope you get a chance to talk again, especially if you felt she was pretty levelheaded. I'm sure whatever is going on, she is struggling with something that she isn't handling well.

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