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When you find yourself blocked for no apparent reason.

I have been busy with life, came back after only a couple of days and found myself blocked and do not have a clue why. People here can be so silly .. but I鈥檓 just confused. Baffled 馃槓

Anyway, I do hope it makes you feel better.
PerfectionOfTheHeart41-45, F Best Comment
People are very fickle, especially here, and for those who are very insecure they鈥檒l block others out of nowhere just to give themselves some kind of peace so they can exist here. There鈥檚 issues there that you鈥檙e better off not being exposed to any further.
[@1143464,Curiositeintrigueedunefille] I've only been here 3 months, off and on, and was already stalked/harrassed before the first week was up. Worse things were said to me and about me than I've seen in all my 24 years on the internet. I'm no novice when it comes to forums and chats, but the crap that goes on here is something I just don't have time or energy for anymore.
[@436944,PerfectionOfTheHeart] You are so right! They would rather discard people like a piece of trash rather than talk about what bothers them. I guess that鈥檚 how they cope鈥 but I think I鈥檓 a bit more stable and willing to talk about anything and if need be apologize.
[@1212591,HauntedWitch] I was stalked and harassed for years鈥 I feel ya!

Gwyneira51-55, F
I've had that happen.
Sometimes I choose to take a break from being on any social media.
I've come back after a week to find myself unfriended, then blocked when I asked why.

There is life outside of here. Go figure!

That's really strange then. I don't usually happen to notice when people block me. I can think of 2 men who've done so, but both said harsh and rude things before blocking me.
Gwyneira51-55, F
Sometimes it makes no sense whatsoever.

Yes, you should feel free to do what you'd like with your profile, posts, etc. on here. If anyone gets upset over you deleting your own content, then that's an issue they have. It's hard not to take it personal at times.

I usually do not notice if someone blocks me. But when it's someone I've had contact with, and have had no issues with, then I notice and it bothers me.
[@362624,Gwyneira] One lady called me 鈥渇ake鈥. Another completely ignored me afterwards but did not delete but one man 鈥nd one woman just deleted me鈥 none of them had a clue what I was experiencing.

I hope they all feel better. But I maintain it is MY business what I do with any and all on my own profile. I wouldn鈥檛 expect anyone to be harassed as I had been. I had a very good reason for deleting my stuff. If people don鈥檛 know or understand I guess they make it up in their minds why鈥 and usually anyone that assumes anything about me are wrong!
Pretzel61-69, M
they might have thought they offended you or you weren't interested - so they blocked you to keep from bothering you again.

it's their loss
[@15458,Pretzel] but yeah their loss. I was nothing but kind to this person.
Pretzel61-69, M
[@1143464,Curiositeintrigueedunefille] I used the pronouns "they/their"

YOU assumed I assumed
[@15458,Pretzel] 鈥渨eren鈥檛 interested鈥 sorry just sounded like that鈥檚 what you thought.
Peapod56-60, F
It has certainly happened to me and it's usually by someone that just wants an echo chamber.
Peapod56-60, F
[@1143464,Curiositeintrigueedunefille] I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. I certainly have been blocked by people I thought I was getting along with, but obviously, I wasn't for them.

A sibling I am now estranged from was the kind of person that would be "sweet as pie" to a person's face, but behind their back, she would rage. The last conversation I had with her was this issue. I simply asked her why she just didn't tell people the "truth" if she didn't like something. Her response? To ax me from her life...again.

The point is, some people cannot handle conflict at all. They think in very black and white terms. I think some people feel to vulnerable to let [i]anyone[/i] close.

It would not shock me at all that this goes on here even more than real life. It's really hard to know what baggage people carry when you chat with them here.

Certainly don't take it on as something you could have prevented. I bet this person has done this to others as well.
[@711251,Peapod] All I know is this was one of the more stable, level headed people here. I haven鈥檛 a clue and can鈥檛 really even imagine why she felt the need to block me.. but don鈥檛 worry, even tho I get sad over people鈥檚 reactions here, I never take it on myself as having the problem (unless I was the actually the problem)..And I know dang well I鈥檝e never been nothing but nice to her and showed her respect.
Peapod56-60, F
[@1143464,Curiositeintrigueedunefille] This is sad and I know I would feel hurt if it happened to me.

I hope you get a chance to talk again, especially if you felt she was pretty levelheaded. I'm sure whatever is going on, she is struggling with something that she isn't handling well.
Iamonfire66631-35, F
People are weird and don鈥檛 make sense. I have had this happen to me as well.
[@10165,Iamonfire666] It saddens me but this too shall pass.
Iamonfire66631-35, F
[@1143464,Curiositeintrigueedunefille] it will

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