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I don't think EP and SW had the same design philosophy really.

Experience project was more online support group and seems to have been HEADED by someone with very benovolent intentions that was deliberately trying to create an supportive online atmosphere that was basically THERE for you emotionally.

what has taken over with the new admins which I mean I'm grateful to them but something lost in translation is a clique like atmopshere.

I guess it's more the change in community though, the falling away of things we basically became the same as most other Social media.

What was truly different about EP was it spent most of its days emotionally supportive or dreaming.

Here? the trolling is more frequnet, it's harsher...

not really a "Safe space" EP wasn't exactly either, it's just the people who frquented EP were more uml..

how do I say this? less sadistically inclined, less Dark Triad personality.

I guess though being white dude a lot's changed in North america and the relationships between the sexes,

It's just I was always on the ladies side....

Stretching back I was making Feminist YouTube videos even as they shit on us and the Social justice crowd staretd to become misfits.

I was that way even at the height of our unpopularity.
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It was a different era, EP was about the stories.
Like who reads that much now, we all got seduced by Twitter culture.
Khenpal1 · 61-69, M
Given EP’s nature and mechanics, it does not appeal to most social media users today. It requires a longer attention span, ability to write, and most importantly, not be superficial all the time. This hinders their ability to grow to the size of Twitter or Facebook. A growth that would be necessary if they are to survive, after all they have server bills to pay. Their income has been mostly through minimal amount of ads and donations.

They were not fond by the idea of selling private information to ads agencies for income. So in a way, they were missing out on a hefty sum of steady income because of this. An income that most social media sites would not miss a beat to acquire.

That said, government agencies, US government agencies, took notice to that. Usually these agencies would have direct or indirect access to private user information by the ads agencies, but since EP did not participate in that business model, they were targeted with direct requests of this data.

These requests were so great in volume and required so much resources to deal with that it became impossible to keep EP online without more income streams, ideally from selling this same private data being requested by government agencies.

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