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My longest standing friend here has left us due to personal reasons. We have been in contact here and other sites and email for 4 years. But hes gone and hes not coming back and has emailed me to ask I do not contact him on any other platform for now.
Its his call, he has genuine reasons and i do hope some time in the future he will say hi when he is able to.
A true gent and good friend and one of the few who got me and had my back everytime.
I know he will be sorely missed by many people here. 馃様馃様
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missbeez26-30, F
Awwe sorry they say some things cannot 馃悵 replaced big hugs
RubySoo51-55, F
[@486083,missbeez] thank you. X
RubySoo51-55, F
[@1176176,KrackerBash] not strange at all. He has things going on in his real life that need his attentions.
LadyJ41-45, F
Sorry hun 馃様馃
PerfectIllusion41-45, F
Aww..I'm sorry. I know how difficult that is to go through. Just be thankful he gave you somewhat of a goodbye.
RubySoo51-55, F
[@393289,PerfectIllusion] yes. Im so glad he did. We've always done that if one of us took a break from here. I cant answer him though....coz he requested i dont. But i know he knows i value him. X
PerfectIllusion41-45, F
[@329653,RubySoo] he values you just as much. I'm sure he just needs some space. I hope he comes back to touch base at some point. These things always suck to go through. I just experienced it after 4 years of friendship.
RubySoo51-55, F
[@393289,PerfectIllusion] thanks you sweetie. Sorry youre going through that.
I dont feel ive lost a friend ...its not like we fell out.
He has to do whats right for him.
AllelujahHaptism31-35, M
Sorry to hear. Is that N?
Sorry to hear...
smiler201256-60, M
{@rubysoo] sorry to here this but if he needs time out i am glad you are prepared to respect this . i am sure what ever his issue is and he gets his head straight again i am sure he will be back in contact
RubySoo51-55, F
[@3749,smiler2012] thank you. I hope so.
Enkis22-25, M
Good friends always find their way back :)

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