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Just going to post this here about trolls.

If you don't know when to quit, I must consider you a troll and therefore I simply will ignore anything the troll replies with. Trolls want attention. So continuing the argument only furthers the attention seeking.

That I reply at all is simply to keep the troll from having the last word, which trolls of all types always seek. Yet it will always be the very same thing....

[center][big][b][i][c=1F5E00]饾摋饾摢饾摽饾摦 饾摢 饾摪饾摳饾摳饾摥 饾摥饾摢饾攤! 馃槉[/c][/i][/b][/big][/center]
DrWatson70-79, M
I decided a while ago to let them have the last word after I have said all I have to say.

It may give them a sense of satisfaction, but I will soon forget the entire conversation.
DeWayfarer61-69, M
@DrWatson problem there is your message to others gets diluted.

Also, you never let a bully influence you in real life because of others think less of you, as well as you are not standing up to them.

That's like giving up. It encourages the bully to continue bullying you as well as everyone else.
Some times if they are so wrong you have to put them straight to much of my news saying this I only believe in them it鈥檚 just nuts Facts are not always the facts media is not to be trusted, so where do you get your information from? Where do you get yours from right
DeWayfarer61-69, M
@Funlov there comes a point where sources are irrelevant. There always will be disputing sources. The accuracy of the sources could be debated as well. Yet that is beyond to scope of the argument.

It is just best to agree to disagree. Yet with trolls that's impossible.

So repeated repetitions of the same thing clears out anything while at the same time pointing out the act of being trolled.

It's a simple answer to the problem without needing to block anyone. Which is as well what a good troll wants. The reason why they want to be blocked is numerous. For one they use it as a counting coupe. Another is to silence your own opinions. The more you block the less you are heard.
@DeWayfarer yes nice point 馃憤
Please be nice to trolls
DeWayfarer61-69, M
@Fuzzle see comments below! 馃槇
You became victim of trolling
DeWayfarer61-69, M
@mysteryespresso ah but an old troll knows how to out troll a young troll! 馃檭馃槇

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