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U know whats annoying here and so many of u do it

If they post a question to your post and you answer them they never acknowledge or reply. Why is that. U dont care? If so why even ask. Ima start BLOCKING them

Lilnonames Pinned Comment
If i missed anyone here feel free to BLOCK me hahaha馃槢
Eddiesolds56-60, M
@Lilnonames gosh what a cute little thing. Thankyou for making me smile Nonames. Right now sitting 2 dogs. Sadie and Pua. Gosh in love them so much. They are both just starting to howl. They are calling for mommy. Gosh its so beautiful to hear them.
@Eddiesolds this my bosses dog

Yeah it's like they can't be bothered to interact.
I respond to everyone who answers my posts. Not that I make many anymore.
@Lilnonames When you post you'll see "Visibility". Click on "public" and you then get 3 options -

@Fluffybull thank u never knew this鈾ワ笍
@Lilnonames That's what friends are for - helping each other out! 馃憦馃憦馃
[i][c=BF0080]I try to acknowledge each comment, but every so often I get dirty ones I ignore or delete. [/c][/i]
@MellyMel22 Yes, I do that too. Also if someone posts something nasty about one of the other people who have posted.
@Fluffybull [i][c=BF0080]Yeah, I don鈥檛 like that either. [/c][/i]
Carissimi61-69, F
It could be a rhetorical question that they don鈥檛 expect a response, or they don鈥檛 actually care to hear a response. I often don鈥檛 respond to Woke stupid questions because it鈥檚 a waste of time and energy trying to converse with the illogical and unreasonable.
Maybe sometimes they don't see that people have commented. Sometimes I don't find a reply til a lot later, sometimes days 馃し
@Lilnonames but an emoji works as well. Which they never do
@Lilnonames If it's happening a lot with the same person it's like they're ignoring you, then. A while back I had a friend who stopped reacting to any of my posts, even the ones I knew they would have liked. It was like they didn't want to talk to me but didn't have the guts to block me? So I blocked them 馃槈
@Fluffybull haha u know ill BLOCK and so do they
MrPotato22-25, M
I bet you've done this.
@MrPotato It's not a case of being "annoyed". It's about getting trash out of your life. I don't put up with it in real life, don't do it here. I'm after quality, not quantity. 馃憤
@MrPotato i dont care if no ones here but ill BLOCK those that desturd my piece of mind
@Lilnonames Yes, we can't always avoid idiots IRL but at least we can here 馃憤
OceanicPopsicles22-25, F
Lil, I鈥檓 sorry if I鈥檝e ever done this to you 馃槩
@OceanicPopsicles haha many times. U and marinebob are great at it
OceanicPopsicles22-25, F
@Lilnonames I made a [i]lil[/i] mental note
Block away, babe. They do it because common sense is not their strongest suit
RebelFox36-40, F
I lose track because I鈥檓 on and off, then end up with a million notifications to go through, then I get excitable and can鈥檛 focus on multiple things. So I鈥檓 sure I鈥檝e done it. Just your average SW piece of shit I guess.
@RebelFox dont say that and i like u lots never put yourself down and remenber your "ABOVE" average s w piece of shit馃き
AdaXI41-45, T
I'm more of a mutesexual.馃槄

@Fluffybull no u dont have t just go to canceled users
@Lilnonames I've just done that - thank you! That's freed up a few more block spaces! 馃槅馃槅馃憤
AdaXI41-45, T
Now @Fluffybull moves over to the mute list and ruthlessly dispatches them all into the block bin, lolz!馃槃

DeWayfarer61-69, M
Mostly I do, unless I know they are for certain trouble makers. After a long while you get to know them.
Punxi26-30, F
I respond to all who reply to posts. Even 馃し鈥嶁檧锔弇y crazy shit.
@Punxi as i
I really don't blame you hope you're having an awesome day 鉁岋笍鉁岋笍馃憤馃憦馃
Glassysky22-25, M
You always react to my posts, I appreciate it.
Soldonmonday46-50, F
I hate that too!
FloorGenAdm46-50, M
KISS -Keep it simple stupid.
@FloorGenAdm ahh i will ill keep it BLOCKING BLOCKED[image deleted]
Stupid do as stupid is like u say simple
iamonfire69636-40, F
I reply to everyone on my posts.
@iamonfire696 oh i almost missed u
iamonfire69636-40, F
@Lilnonames you got me 馃挅

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