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Is your profession respected?

Even as a professional I find I'm subjected to disrespect and abuse from clients and senior professionals. Not always but it can be a real chore getting up to go back to that daily!

For my personal well-being and personal safety I won't be discussing my profession.

And those that may know, please don't start exposing my business.

Thank you!
VeganMoumita · 31-35, F
Yes my profession is pretty well respected. But at times, manager insulted me unnecessarily and few people tried to pull me down at work. But now I know how to give them back a good answer.
romell · 46-50, M
@VeganMoumita sure do that..
I guess I'm just lucky...

Everyone (my clients) say they love the products and always post positive feedback about the quality of the products I make.

I can say without reservation that for the past 25 years I have had one of the best "jobs" ever. Where else could you get paid for playing with what essentially are toys??

Even though I reached SS retirement age several years ago, I still look forward to waking up and going to work every day....
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@Threepio that must be such an amazing feeling. I long for that!
FrozenWasteland · 61-69, M
In general I'd say my profession is, but clients are human too and sometimes they need someone to unload on when things aren't going the way they'd like.

I guess that's why they pay me the big bucks. 🤣 (that's supposed to be funny)

The trick is not too take it personally.
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@FrozenWasteland I try but it's really depressing. I for one really try my best. As a team we do too. It's a lot. I'd never go to their place of work and behave this way. People need to be more considerate and self aware.
Beatbox34 · 31-35, M
To some extent yes. Working in IT sucks but at a court house, it's kinda cool too.

I've had people call and ask as to how to download files from the web browser 🤦🏿

This is actually relatable. Even if we deal with servers. This is unbearable at times.

TheCaterpillar · 41-45, F
Same in my position I feel we are the emotional punching bags for the clients and the other colleagues. It's tough taking the abuse day in and day out.
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@TheCaterpillar I'm so sorry x
Montanaman · M
Power Plant Operator/Mechanic. 😎

Coal may be on the way out, but We keep the lights on and the Heat pumping.

Very hard and dangerous work, but it's why I get the big bucks.
CassandraSissy · 22-25, T
Hmmmm....thanks, I think, to the 'IT Crowd' and others like it, people seem to think we're all geeks....

Some are, that's very true.....but some - like me - just like chasing the Rainbow Unicorn!

Most people claim they respect my profession but their actions reveal a different truth
It is in theory, but not financially speaking.
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
Of course -- doesn't everyone love a retiree?
romell · 46-50, M
Most respected..happy to have been their

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