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Should young girls be taught refusal skills in health class?

Like how to say no, when to say no, that it is okay to say no and not to feel bad about saying no, etc etc?
BananaBrown · F Best Comment
Yes, and young boys should be taught that no means no.

As well as the same things as the girls. Too many boys get pushed around by girls because they are afraid to stand up for themselves.
[@1027980,BananaBrown] yes, exactly... Teaching girls to politely refuse or so no won't stop boys doing what they want,

omg I can't even believe this
Eternity · 22-25, M
[@1027980,BananaBrown] and you didn't even cry about it; you just added what needed adding. Good on you. BA.
[@807598,Eternity] Thank you. And thanks for best answer. 🙂

I was young, probably 6 when my father molested me, do you think having these refusal skills would have helped me back then...?????
RedPowerRangerThe2nd · 31-35, M
[@1224465,AthenaArena] Thank you. I'm not even mad at her anymore. I wish she was still here.
Adaydreambeliever · 56-60, FVIP
[@1224465,AthenaArena] You are right, of course. It wont save everyone every time.. That's not possible sadly. But it does help.. and they do teach boys as well.
Eternity · 22-25, M
[@1224465,AthenaArena] obviously not but realistically it would help the majority if not you specifically.
natureboy3 · 18-21, M
Everyone should be taught that
Wow, yes just put everything on the females, should young boys not be taught to never touch, grope or expect anything from the girls??....

This is just a minefield 😱
[@1224465,AthenaArena] full agreement with you. This is just coming short of victim blaming.
Eternity · 22-25, M
[@1224465,AthenaArena] just because a door is open doesn't mean you should walk through it. Innocent until proven guilty; I didn't mention dudes simply because I didn't. Not for any specific reason.

I should have though, if only to stop the virtue signalers and wolf criers.
Eternity · 22-25, M
[@10165,Iamonfire666] one is far less effective without the other.
Maybe it would be better to teach men how to take no for an answer.

I said no, I was then kicked in the stomach and had my head slammed into a wall, knowing how to say no will not stop a rapist
Eternity · 22-25, M
[@406205,InOtterWords] true but neither will telling a rapist not to rape.

But you are right. Men should be taught how to take no for an answer; that will at least create a culture that actively discourages rape. It wont stop the true blue sickos but it should stop some situational rapes from happening.
Degbeme · 61-69, M
We had our daughter do karate when she was younger.
Degbeme · 61-69, M
[@1227340,RedPowerRangerThe2nd] My grandson can kick my butt and he`s never taken it. 😅 Thank you.
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
[@72117,Degbeme] you ain't got a butt!
Degbeme · 61-69, M
[@763897,Harriet03] Do so! .... albeit a small one. ☺️
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
Health class?!
They should be taught that at home.
Nanori · 26-30, F
[@763897,Harriet03] that'd be great but speaking from experience people with crippled communication skills come from similar families so they need outside help
Eternity · 22-25, M
[@763897,Harriet03] along with sex ed, civics, basic economics, and how to read tape measures.

All things that your average american doesn't know.

If you leave it up to the parents it simply won't get done; that ship has sailed.

Shit or get off the pot moms and dads.
Yes. So should boys. And both should also be taught that a refusal is a refusal and that no one is owed sexual favors because they were "nice". "Consent" has unfortunately been caricaturized as something as ridiculous as signing a form before having sex, but it's really about listening to and understanding your partner's feelings and desires. Both boys and girls could stand to learn how to communicate better.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
They should be given self-defense classes and that be a part of it.
Nanori · 26-30, F
Communicating skills in general to all ASAP
IssaJoke · C
young boys should be taught similarly, how to initiate, when to back off, handling rejection etc. there's just way too little practical information around sex and too many virgins espousing bad advice online
Jenny1234 · 51-55, F
[@1041230,IssaJoke] yes and in addition, young boys are also molested and need to learn these skills at a very young age for themselves
Eternity · 22-25, M
[@1041230,IssaJoke] yeah i should have mentioned that too and i thought about it but i felt like that was a given since it's talked about so much
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
Yeah, I think people should be formally taught boundaries in general. Everyone should be taught that it's not cool to try and pressure people into doing shit they're not comfortable with and that it's fine to refuse shit you don't wanna do. It shouldn't really be addressed on a gendered basis bc that kinda perpetuates the whole stereotype of men being "the horny gender" and accepts the traditional framing of men being dominant by default and women being submissive by default.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
As long as they teach when to say yes as well as no without religion involved for both sexes.
Iamonfire666 · 31-35, F
Yes and boys too.
Jenny1234 · 51-55, F
absolutely. Boys too
Adaydreambeliever · 56-60, FVIP
To be fair it's my understanding that they do teach that in the UK.. they teach that it's ok to say no, not to give in to pressure and they teach about loving respectful relationships - alongside contraceptive choices
Eternity · 22-25, M
[@7167,Adaydreambeliever] this is the USA. We just do capitalism here.
every girl should have a brother who can kick the **** out of other guys who harass them.. girls shouldnt have to be constantly on the defense from perv idiots who dont know how to respect people. ugh
It sounds like a good idea, especially if parents aren't already teaching them that.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
Assertiveness training would be good in a variety of ways. I see college aged students and not just freshmen, that act like they don’t know how to get things done…calling in maintenance work orders and getting them to come out in a timely manner or dealing with roommate problems and letting them build up one after another.
Don't think that would hurt anything
RedPowerRangerThe2nd · 31-35, M
I second self defence classes.
Starwarsfan · 51-55, F
I think the world has enough narcissistic people in it.
Eternity · 22-25, M
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] i dont see what what you said has to do with the question
[@807598,Eternity] Some people think that to be strong and say no they have to be narcissistic and selfish all the time they'll say no to litteraly everything you say because they fear that you just want to control them while you just want what's fair for you both. They'll step over you and won't take no for an answer when they need something from you.

I get your question but there should be a balance between when to say no and when to say yes without anyone being the victim.
That would be helpful. Sadly conservative values have pushed themselves into education that teach the biblical value of not putting out for a man is a sin to God. But if you say yes you're sinning as well so you're still going to hell.
TurtlePink · 22-25, F
Of course
Forgetmeknot · 41-45, C
AnonymousJSS · 18-21, F
Max13 · 26-30, M
Character is not taught , it is gained .

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