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Police resign after unnecessary procedures injure woman with dimentia

Just another example of how bad policing is in the US. In this case the state of Colorado. 3 officers resigned after a being seen on body cam dislocating a woman’s shoulder and laughing about it then denying medical assistance when the 70 year old victim was in her police cell.
Gusman · 56-60, MVIP
Makes one wonder how many of these sorts of incidents go unreported.
Also shows that police will stick up for each other.
Here in Australia, two Police Officers witness two other Police Officers beat up on a handcuffed person.
They refused to cooperate with an investigation.
Some Police Officers are decent people, many more abuse their power and enable the Bad ones to continue to flaunt their positions.
justanothername · 51-55, M
[@546016,Gusman] Remember the corrupt Queensland cops under sir Joh bielke peitersen in the 80s?
Gusman · 56-60, MVIP
[@539784,justanothername] Never forget.
The thing is, if [b]ALL[/b] Police Forces where properly investigated, then the majority would be found to have corrupt elements within them.
Internal Investigations ensure the Status Quo
Doomflower · 36-40, F
[@546016,Gusman] people are pretty awful
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
all this bullshit is a direct result of affirmative action & lowering standards for jobs; some people are just way too stupid/incompetent to be allowed to become a law enforcement officer, much less carry a firearm...

She's fucking [b]70[/b]

What threat could she possibly be ?!
[@539784,justanothername] some people get into the police force for the wrong reasons im sure , they love the uniform as much as their ego .😒
Doomflower · 36-40, F
[@710185,BoobooSnafu] as someone who was once sucker punched by a 90 year old with dementia I can tell you old folks can be feisty!!!

Somehow I managed to handle the situation without harming any elderly people.
[@85866,Doomflower] oh yeah, I get that .
My mum told me stories when she worked in a repatriation centre.
But surely, three men against one old lady?

Unless its a deadly situation.....force isn't the answer.
Bushmanoz · 56-60, M
She was 73, weighed like 100lbs, they also broke her arm, left her without medical treatment for 6 hours, they need to be locked uo, i havent seen something that made me so angry in a long time
DropTopDig · M
And people wonder why I hate cops!
justanothername · 51-55, M
[@1185254,DropTopDig] unfortunately it’s mostly US cops making headlines for the wrong reasons.
In third world dictatorships it’s expected, except the US is not a 3rd world country.
Slade · 51-55, M
It's spelled "dementia"

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