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Are most adults less forgiving than children are?

I know it depends on the situation.
Seems like some kids are more forgiving than teenagers and adults are. To adults or even teenagers “sorry” isn’t enough and they seemed very annoyed by that word. For my dad that words not even enough and he doesn’t want to hear it. Like when I say sorry so many times my dad would be like, “ I don’t wanna hear that word!” Or “Save it! I don’t wanna hear it. I’ve heard enough of it! Sorry doesn’t do any good anymore.” Like one time someone hurt my dad really bad and he says he’s been hurt but no one‘s has hurt him this bad and it’s gonna take a very long time to forgive them. I he he eventually for gave them but he doesn’t want nothing to do with them anymore.
The person said sorry so many times but my dad to cut them off and just drop them out of their lives and he told me that’s probably why I haven’t been seeing them and they said some horrible and ugly things about me too because they thought I was dumb slow and I can’t say the other word. It’s harsh. I was wondering why I haven’t been seen the others.
Fo sho.
The young still have some innocence or ignorance. Adults don't. The young have less malice too
[@1141631,FadingStar] No wonder adults are less nice and don’t accept sorry. My dad says “sorry” doesn’t work for him.
everyoneknows · 31-35, T
teenagers are definitly the less forgiving group
[@1202007,everyoneknows] I hate to say it but I agree with you. One girl was trying to get me to be friends with her and I just don’t wanna be friends with her anymore because of what she did.
everyoneknows · 31-35, T
[@1132160,AutisticYoungWoman2002] wat did she do
[@1202007,everyoneknows] that’s not important right now she did something unforgivable. Never forgiving her again you know they say you should forgive but I don’t think so
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[@1187347,Pripyatpogo] Why?

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