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Why don’t some people not care or get excited about the New Year?

One of my nephews who is 12 was like, “I just don’t see why people get obsessed and get crazy over the new year. It’s just like any other day and what’s the point. It happens every year. BIG DEAL.”
I got excited about that and making New Years resolutions but some people didn’t seem to care. What does he doesn’t make them anymore because there’s no point he’s just gonna go with the flow. I said happy new year to my sister New Year’s Day and she was like, “Well I hope so. We don’t know how the new year is going to be. Positive vibes.” She didn’t say “Happy New Year back”
I said it to my bro and he was like, “Yep”.
You’re supposed to say. My dad flat out said, “LAYLA! Not everyone is you. Stop getting people to say “Happy New Year”! Not everyone care. Get over yourself and let it go already!”
I made a New Year’s resolution is that my late mom (before she died) might change but everyone’s just laughed at me. My female best friend was like, “Yeah right! Like THAT’S going to happen! Your mom wasn’t in your life for the last 10 years! She walked out in you guys so what makes you think it will happen?!”
Then my guy friend said, “Get real Layla! Has your mom ever called you? How many times has she broken your promises? She doesn’t want you so why bother?”
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MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
Because it’s no big deal.
[@1149,MrBrownstone] this is I’m I’m the only one that got excited but got crushed when people said whatever. Even my brother agreed with my nephew (his son). Kids are so brutal with no filter.
Leggs · 46-50, F
New year is about the time when winter has already worn out it's welcome. Holidays are over. Plus, that is when companies decide to raise prices on stuff.

Places decide to become more strict shortly after.

No one was looking much forward to Y2K because the media spent most of 1999 ruining that with their "Y2K bug" scare.

IN 2019, everyone thought 2020 would be really awesome and just look what happened. Just look.

So, even if not for bugs nor viruses, riots, etc, I think a lot of people look at the new year as, "great, MORE BS coming."

Plus, aside the number of the year and stuff getting more expensive, nothing else really changes.

Even if there did seem to be reason for excitement like the coming Y2K or 2020, the media promptly ruins it for everyone.
Well, it IS an arbitrary calendrical start.

Think about the meaning of the names


How can December be the TENTH month when the current calendar says it is the 12th?

Check it out...

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