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What can I do about this? (Sorry about the picture)

Yes this is really how my roommate left my guest bathroom. I don鈥檛 even know where to begin. I saw something online saying to pour vinegar and baking soda dissolves feces. I even considered pouring muratic acid on it to break it down. A little bit but I need to clean this up a bit before the plumber gets here and have genuinely never seen anything so extreme in my life
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HannibalAteMeOut18-21, F
This person should see a doctor first of all wtf
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
For mental and physical reasons 馃う馃徏鈥嶁檧锔廩@8344,HannibalAteMeOut]
Omg 馃槺 how is that possible 馃挬
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
When I confronted him how about he told me 鈥渕ove on with your life.鈥 I was like it鈥檚 easy to say when you aren鈥檛 responsible for cleaning it [@1042,Fairydust]
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
for real that鈥檚 a biohazard 鈽o笍 It makes me so mad [@1042,Fairydust]
[@25801,DeluxedEdition] what a plonker!! It鈥檚 just vile 馃槵
SirBenedictTheSecond18-21, M
LOL.. I would kick her out for that kinda thing. Seriously. If it happened again.
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
I actually kicked him out bc he broke my dryer and wasn鈥檛 paying and then found this 馃う馃徏鈥嶁檧锔 [@1182042,SirBenedictTheSecond]
SirBenedictTheSecond18-21, M
[@25801,DeluxedEdition] Yeah no lol, that can鈥檛 happen. Either he鈥檚 moving or I鈥檓 moving
lisasweety18-21, F
馃あ馃あ馃あcan u plz at least put a warning in the title thx馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
[@1184564,lisasweety] warning 鈿狅笍 people who are eating click away!!!!!馃ぃ
arkod31-35, M
mrlopez26-30, M
wtf looks like he is shiting clay.
Bigcountry196556-60, M
Is he still a roommate after that?
HatterM46-50, M
Dolimyte36-40, M
Holy shit!
Arms and Hammer cloth detergent and leave for awhile ( enzymes of the soup break down some of sht) and a plunger.
EuphoricTurtle36-40, M
I've had some bad roommates but DAMN! 馃槼
Take something that's dear to him and tell him you'll only return it when he fixes this.
KimmyGary31-35, F
Id put all their clothes on ther bed and dump it on them then post a u tube/ face book video with his picture and name showing what an asswipe he really is
[@335152,KimmyGary] I don't think that "asswipe" is an apt word to call him.
KimmyGary31-35, F
[@7108,Glossy] i know i was just being nice
I assume it won't flush at all; if it drains at all, I'd boil up some water and pour it in (slowly, and it's gonna stink like mad). the warming water can help open up the drain to let it run more freely.

beyond that, it turns into a problem where you really need a plumbing snake and willingness to create an even more awful mess.
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
[@887863,dirge] I can try that when I can get it to drain but it doesn鈥檛 drain
FreeSpirit146-50, F
Burn the house down
pour some gasoline on it and burn it.
Pherick41-45, M
I mean how did they stuff a dead possum in your toilet?
Your roommate needs to see a doctor and a psychologist as soon as possible.

And possibly a proctologist, too.
Lilymoon46-50, F
Jaysus that is nasty 馃槤
Sue her/him.
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
I want to take him to small claim court literally [@372543,Vivaci]
tenente90-99, M
burn the house down(?)馃 idk 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
DanteD51-55, M
Dip their head in it, them make them clean it......

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