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Is it weird for a woman to admit another woman is good looking?

Like she's straight but she acknowledges that someone like a famous actress is good looking.
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No. I've complimented dudes in the gym #homovibes 馃槒
If that was true all the SW women with exception of a few bitter women going through a midlife crisis , would be weird. 馃槃
ImplodingVoices41-45, F
I don't think so. There are loads of beautiful women. You can see beauty without wanting to screw it.
WendyLopez4322-25, F
[@864112,ImplodingVoices] I was so flattered one time, a woman told me I was more beautiful than her.
curious4now51-55, F
not weird but truthful!
poisonouscupcake18-21, F
fellas is it gay to have eyes?
[@100938,geoam1] I love this gif, and I don't apologise if I steal it 馃槢
poisonouscupcake18-21, F
[@406636,causernamebemyusername] i hate when guys say they don鈥檛 know when other guys are attractive cos like they do, if you鈥檇 like to look like another guy you鈥檙e just saying that they鈥檙e attractive
it鈥檚 not a bad thing
causernamebemyusername26-30, M
[@933084,poisonouscupcake] I like guys that are very clean cut. Suits are nice too. The very opposite of the duck dynasty look.
MrsKatherineArch36-40, F
Not at all. There is nothing weird about saying 鈥淪he鈥檚 pretty鈥.
Not to me but women have their own code, their own club, I will never be a part of..
GunFinger41-45, F
No. I admire a lot of celebrities. As far as I know I'm still normal.
geoam151-55, M
[@352154,GunFinger] 馃槀馃槀馃槀 but what is normal.
WendyLopez4322-25, F
[@352154,GunFinger] I was admiring Jessica Alba a few nights ago, though I didn't wanna tell my boyfriend who was admiring her in a different way lol.
GunFinger41-45, F
[@749533,WendyLopez43] I admire Taylor Swift.. and I admire a lot of women here on SW too. Admiring isn't bad. To me it doesn't mean I have a crush on them.
Off wiv er 'ead
Beatbox3426-30, M
Complimenting a person and admiring them is not gay.
LeaDhelani18-21, F
Not at all
SW User
ginnyfromtheblock22-25, F
women can perceive other women and be straight. personally i鈥檝e never done it
PerthSurfer46-50, M
No, i can pick a guy who i think is without having any attraction for him. Usually though it's not something i volunteer to the guy lol
Mamapolo201670-79, F
I don't think it's at all weird. I have no interest in bedding lilacs or sunsets, either.

These days, when the focus of EVERYTHING is sex, it may be perceived as weird. Like I care.
SwampFlower26-30, F
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] Imagining sexy sunsets now...
Mamapolo201670-79, F
[@871066,SwampFlower] Pretty porn
SwampFlower26-30, F
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] eyegasm guaranteed!
Women are so cool about noting the positives about other ladies ... attire, hair, eyes, poise

That taught me a lot!
It鈥檚 weird for people to think this is weird
SwampFlower26-30, F
It's only weird if I gawk like an idiot. 馃憖
BlueVeins18-21, M
extremely normal
ninjavu51-55, M
No. I believe it's more common than among males.
Why would you think that? And what does "weird" or "normal" even mean, and by whose standard?
WendyLopez4322-25, F
[@1050026,RedBaron] I don't know, I think it was my first time admiring another woman.
SammyJo51-55, F
No, not weird at all. If you have an 'Art' perspective on the world, you can see beauty in the structure of anyone and anything!


Fantabulous41-45, F
Not at all...I do it all the time.
Fortunately, for women it is beautiful to feel that way about each other. For men, it鈥檚 a different story
WendyLopez4322-25, F
[@559970,Mmiker] but why?
For a guy it seems way to intimate a comment. Like, 鈥渉ey. Don鈥檛 look at me that way!鈥 While women who appreciate closeness more than looks and also, use appearance very much as a beauty attribute vs sexiness so it鈥檚 more acceptable. This is my opinion and feeling. Others might say otherwise. [@749533,WendyLopez43]
iamnikki26-30, F
Jimmy201661-69, M
馃....No not at all...
cd425961-69, M
Have enjoyed looking at and enjoying the sexyness of both guys and girls.
No. I admit it all the time

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