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What were the Oddest Costumes You Have Seen on Halloween Night?

The oddest costumes I ever saw on a Halloween night was when I was working in a small town. The bar in this town had a mix of people including Native Americans. Around 8pm three individuals walked into the bar dressed as Klansmen (two Klansmen and one Klanswoman). At first glance, among all the other costumes, they didn't stick out too much, but suddenly you realize that their costumes were very well made including matching embroidered patches depicting crosses and slogans. Their costumes looked authentic; it seemed like a group of Klanspeople thought they could wear their usual attire in public on this one night and not draw too much attention to themselves. If so, their plan didn't work. It took several bouncers to extricated the "Klanspeople" safely from the bar. It was almost another Custer's Last Stand. Things did not go down very well. A bad choice of costumes in the wrong place.
AlmightyLoad · 26-30
I saw a Jewish concentration camp suit thing
AlmightyLoad · 26-30
yeah I was ok with it Its free range as far as im concerned
PastPilot · 61-69, M
I tend to look the other way with tastless costumes. Its the one free night of expression. One year, one of my friends went as Michael Jackson. He wasn't black, but for some reason he was able to pull if off in spectacular form. He really did look like Michael Jackson.
AlmightyLoad · 26-30
Yeah its one night a year be free a little
LifeisReal · 31-35, M
Inflattable Homer Simpson Costume, same style as a sumo wrestler balloon, but with Homer's yellow skin and clothes.
AwakeAndDreaming · 26-30, F
ooh I saw an excellent Edward Scissorhands, and this giant red fruit thing with a smiley face
PastPilot · 61-69, M
A friend of mine was in the hospital for three month and had lost a lot of weight. For Halloween he dressed up as Edward Scissorhands. When younger, he was the spitting image of Johnny Depp. As people were admiring his costume he said, "I'm not finished yet".
Aprism · F
Human beings.
You mean Clan with "K" ? Where was this, if I may ask ? What state ?
PastPilot · 61-69, M

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