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Do you pay attetion to what the different coloured hearts mean?

Or do you just use what you like?

Apparently they can have nuanced meanings... Like the BDSM community uses the blue one, I've heard the green one can mean anything from jealousy to vegans flirting (😂)...

InOtterWords · F Best Comment
I use all of them

I am not colour prejudiced

@InOtterWords Atta gurl!!!

As it should be! 😊
@BoobooSnafu thank you for BA 💛
@InOtterWords welcome 😊💙💚💛💜🖤❤

@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout MAN!!!!... That's some deep seated pride?!? 😳
I had no idea they had different meanings I've used the blue one just cause I like the color. Hope no one here thought I wanted to tie them up and whip them 😂
@SW-User hahahah - ikr!!!

Ive used blue with @SW-User coz I know she likes blue... But if she turns up on my doorstep dressed in leather I got some 'splaining' too do!!! 😁😂
There's should be an universal color code for this !
@SapphicHeart I agree - each platform has their own definitions🤷‍♀️
I found this one...

Hmm, there are quite some people here using the black one... makes me wonder now...
I use different colors for every person here, usually what I know their favorite color to be or what I see them maybe liking. Except black, that is reserved for one person.
@SW-User yes well, black is rather depressive and morbid... I've only ever used that when someone is mourning a loved one.
I have no idea what they mean
@BoobooSnafu ❤️
@SW-User look at you - just like a pro 👍😁..
@BoobooSnafu Thanks for the tutorial 💝💖💙
I use 3, because I like them. 💛❤💜
@SW-User ugggggh!🤦‍♀️

Ueah - that's when I hibernate 😏
@BoobooSnafu lol yeah. I just want the damn candy hahaa!💜
@SW-User 😁🍫💜
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
I like the skin colored hearts... does that count? 🤔

@wildbill83 and here we have the history of where they come from...😏

Thanks professor 😜
@wildbill83 also - you get an honorary BA for this 👍😁
Maybe I should just stick to the red ones😳 🤔
@SW-User yours would be smoke coloured 😁
bookerdana · M
I like the BLACK one🖤 Means I'm ........evil!🥳
@bookerdana Really?

I was gonna use it - but I'm also a bit of a purple freak -

But noted 😊🖤💜
bookerdana · M
@BoobooSnafu Actually it's my friend's fave heart...people g😁🖤💜otta grow up!
I like red, so it's always red 🤷‍♀️
@SW-User can't go wrong with ol' faithful! 🤗
They're just different coloured hearts
I've never heard of that. I just use what I like.
Vetrov · 61-69, M
MethDozer · M
Black like my soul.
Kidding, I'm a dude I don't use hearts normally.

Apparently blue mean BDSM or autism. 😳
@MethDozer 😳

Someone DELIBERATELY looked for them?!!

I'm picky... But that's obsessive!!
MethDozer · M
@BoobooSnafu I think being severely infested was just a part of life in the Dark Ages.
@MethDozer yep, that and looking forward to wooden teeth and annual baths -Ew!!?😖

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