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If we swapped the first letters of the words in your username what would we get?

I sound German 馃槀

(Or if you want you can just comment and I'll do it for you 馃檭)
MissTaken31-35, F Best Comment
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
I love it! 馃槅[@831692,MissTaken]
MissTaken31-35, F
[@551840,TheGoodGuy] Many thanks for the BA 馃檪馃檪
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
[@831692,MissTaken] De nada 馃檪

User4131-35, M
I鈥檓 way to dyslexic for this shit
SW User
[@646421,User41] 馃槀馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
[@646421,User41] 馃槵
4swerU1 馃槵
SwampFlower26-30, F
Fwamp Slower. You're fwamping too quickly! 馃き
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
[@871066,SwampFlower] 馃槷馃槅
MrPerditus156-60, M
[@871066,SwampFlower] Fwamping is best done slower, I think. 馃槅
Lazy do it yourself ;-)
[@551840,TheGoodGuy] Wow ..what a creativity ;-)
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
[@673202,valobasa4ever] 馃槵
[@551840,TheGoodGuy] LoL
Find out.
Niece said she would only take single s & t.
[@551840,TheGoodGuy] 馃う鈥嶁檧锔

Swapping bit. Read your own query for more clarity.
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
[@24735,Silentspectator] I'm asking you for clarity bcoz I don't understand your first comment - the bit about the single s & t 馃檪
[@551840,TheGoodGuy] user ss has 2 s and 2 t in her username.
Niece refused to add the repeated letters.
SW User
[image deleted]
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
XpicySSweetNo 馃憖
Tomorrow56-60, F
I only have a one word name so I'm still just who I've always been.
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
Are you okay with that? 馃槵[@895635,Tomorrow]
Tomorrow56-60, F
[@551840,TheGoodGuy] Absolutely!
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
Well if it's alright with you you then it's alright with me 馃[@895635,Tomorrow]
Sirfurryanimal61-69, M
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
[@356742,SirfurryanimalWales] AirWurrysnimalFales 馃槵
Sirfurryanimal61-69, M
[@551840,TheGoodGuy] I forgot the Wales bit.I only use that bit here
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
Soosoobafoo 馃ぃ....

... YUSS!!!
My new altet ALTER ego 馃ぃ
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
[@710185,BoobooSnafu] hehe! 馃槃
JavaJoe51-55, M

TheGoodGuy36-40, M
Perfect 馃槅[@720732,JavaJoe]
JavaJoe51-55, M
[@551840,TheGoodGuy] I thought so. 馃槍
MrPerditus156-60, M
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
Now you're a President, President Merditus1 馃槼[@591013,MrPerditus1]
MrPerditus156-60, M
[@551840,TheGoodGuy] 馃槻 馃ぃ
SW User
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
[@813091,FriesAndSundae] SriesAndFundae 馃檭
pride4926-30, M
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
[@351465,pride49] yup 馃榿

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