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Is it normal to feel envious seeing other people with loving mothers?

My late mom abandoned us when I was 8. I never really had a loving mother. She resented me. When I see my friends with their mothers I get bitter and envious. Why can't my mom be like other moms? She left because of my diagnoses of autism. She didn't want a "disabled child." She admitted that to me and it hurt me so bad. My dad said to me when he met a woman, she though she be a great mother to my brothers and I but unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. He knows I need a mother and female role model. My aunt stepped in to help especially with me because I needed a female around to help me become a woman when my mom should have been the one doing that. Im grateful for my aunt for what she's done for me. My mom is dead now. Died of an overdose five months ago. I'll never have a mother and daughter relationship! 馃槶馃槶
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You deserved a lot better than that but your mum was obviously troubled and mentally unwell
I'm so sorry. my mom is the one who put the autism awareness sticker on the fridge, she's amazing. she accepted me as disabled.

she understands it isn't purely a disability, it's a gift AND a curse.
[@1023345,DizzyLizzy94] I Am admitting that I am the product of privilege... I have something you want but if I could give it to you I would. mum tends to take in strays though....

it's just her nature, she'd have love for you.
DizzyLizzy9426-30, F
[@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots] Oooh okay. Yeah. I'll never have a mother/daughter relationship now.
[@1023345,DizzyLizzy94] it sucks autism is like having a gay kid for some parents...
Oh that's unfortunate about you but you were lucky to have an aunt - even other people that took care of you the best that they could -

[b][c=#7700B2]Hey glad to hear about that monster of a mother you had though - hope she suffered as she croaked.[/c][/b]
[@1023345,DizzyLizzy94] Well it's justified - she was a horrible monster for 1) leaving you at 8 years old 2) for reason that you had autism and 3) for telling you that was the reason
DizzyLizzy9426-30, F
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] That stings to hear but you have a point. Even my new best friend said that horrible no offence, witch deserves to rot in hell. She doesn't deserve any nice words of sympathy. She also said, "Why are you greiving over the drug addict woman that didn't want you? She left because of your disability and chose drugs over you and you can her a strong woman? Hell no! You gotta move on. Your aunt has been more or a mother to you than that bitch has. Your mother never wanted you so you gotta move on. I don't mean to sound brutally blunt but it's the truth." I feel like I'm the only one that is devestated over her death.
[@1023345,DizzyLizzy94] well you feel what you want - but from what you said - I have no choice to pass that judgement - there are mothers - and there are 鉂わ笍Moms鉂わ笍
Kinda. I guess. I dunno. My mom beat the shit out of me on the regular as a kid.

And thinks I use autism as crutch to not have to try hard at things and just give up.

Honestly...I've stopped caring at this point. Although it probably screwed me up more than I realize but I'm working on it.
ImplodingVoices41-45, F
It's normal when it is something you crave.

Where it starts to get weird is when you create a number of user names on SW to talk about the same thing over and over and over again.
Steve4251-55, M
The grass is always greener.
It鈥檚 completely understandable.

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