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How did you come up with your current username?

I care for my kids, like a mother bear cares for cubs. Oh, and I'm 41 years old 😊.
Homage to my grandmother, the late Mme. Jewel “Bijou” Broussard.
SW User
Mine was give to me by my coven✨
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
Dust collector
latinladybug · 41-45, F
[@11509,Keepitsimple] Cool!
GLITTER · 36-40, F
It’s an abbreviation of my original SW name (which was a tag line on my EP profile)
ravenwind43 · 46-50, F
From an experience with a Raven during a difficult time:)
SW User
Random word and old EP name
[@949508,V00dooCakeNinja] I think I remember it from EP ! 😃
Wraithorn · 51-55, M
I'll try to keep it short.
- For certain reasons I often feel like a wraith.
- I have scottish ancestry and wriaths are a Scottish thing.
- My favourite number is 9 so I added "orn" to give it 9 letters and make it sound more like a name.
- I love gothic art and Wraithorn conjures gothic images in my mind.
latinladybug · 41-45, F
[@385840,Wraithorn] Cool 👍️.
SW User
Butterfly seems a good symbol for "free."
Bitterness was something I struggled with before.
I'm free from my bitterness.
ncgremlin · 56-60, M
At work I made a face and someone said I looked like strip the gremlin and I live in North Carolina so that's how I came up with ncgremlin
Subaru · 46-50, M
I like to play in Squishy mud and a Subaru is all wheel drive and can go through mud pretty well 😀:)
Sexual Harassment makes me a sad panda.
latinladybug · 41-45, F
[@1005333,SexualHarassmentPanda] Awww
SW User
I'm bad at names and my cat walked by
latinladybug · 41-45, F
[@438734,KittenPaws] Lol, nice.
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
I use the same name in a number of forums.
It’s mostly how I’m feeling.
Dewms · 26-30
Im doomed
latinladybug · 41-45, F
[@63022,Dewms] We all kind of are, lol.
BlueRain · 46-50, F
Mine was random.
Mine choose me
CountScrofula · 41-45, M
My previous account was TyphoidJerry and when I changed accounts I talked with my wife about a new username. She came up with Count Scrofula to keep the gross disease pun thing going.
KingofPizza2 · 36-40, M
Well my father was the king of pizza until he perished under “mysterious circumstances” and with a heavy heart I was forced to assume the throne
latinladybug · 41-45, F
[@102667,KingofPizzaonBreak] I'm sorry about that.
I was originally TheFlipside and then one of my SW friends jokingly called me TheFlippantSide.
SW User
After I saw that "HungMillionaireGenius" was taken, I settled for my current username.
Pfuzylogic · M
I prefer soft and undefined thinking or it might relate that it was the term for AI development in the 90s.
hami1091 · 41-45, F
It is an old nickname of mine and 1091 happened to be the last 4 digits of my first cellphone number.
Echoing · 61-69, F
Just "Echoing" my thoughts. It gets loud and busy in here at times in this head of mine. 🤪
TheSunisout · 56-60, M
Because I am always happy and see life in a poistive way 🙂
latinladybug · 41-45, F
[@11430,Thesunisout] That is good 🙂.
Gelartsyyy · 22-25, F
It's just a combination of my nickname and the word "artsy" lol.
SuusiCat · 16-17, F
Its part of my real name combined with my fav animal =^.^=
Will you change it when you turn 42?
latinladybug · 41-45, F
[@946223,RamessesII] Yep 😁.
SW User
To remember my birthday
latinladybug · 41-45, F
[@831999,Allwaysthink825] Unique 🤔.
SW User
[@876949,mamabear41] Very hahaha
Paradiddle · 41-45, M
I'm a drummer and it's a drumming term
ravenwind43 · 46-50, F
[@897284,FigNewton] lol well who doesn't enjoy a good cookie!🍪
The best cookie! [@10807,ravenwind43]
25IHappy · 26-30, M
I'm young 19. And I'm a gay faggot
Degbeme · 61-69, M
I have no imagination. 😬

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