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Anyone do candle making here?

Just curious as I've only made three candles 🤷‍♀️ online info is super conflicting 🙈
4meAndyou · F
I used to make them years ago. At one time I allowed the local latchkey girls into my home with their mother's permission, and we did crafts and similar activities until their mothers came home. It was a good way to keep them from harassing my cub scouts.

The simplest candles to make are bees wax candles, where you buy the wicks and the sheets of beeswax and simply wrap the wax around the wicks, but those are expensive.

We used to make crushed ice candles and sand cast candles.

I had some old aluminum camping pots and pans and we would melt the wax directly in there. I used to mix just a little bit of beeswax with gulf wax because all of this was expensive. We used to use old bits of crayon to color the candles, again, to save money.

Then I showed the girls how to press a small bowl into a bucket of sand to make a three wick candle, and after that was done, to press in little tripod "feet" shapes with a thimble or similar and a pencil. Dowels or pencils stretched across whatever form you are using hold the wicks.

Milk or cream cartons filled with coarsely crushed ice make beautiful candles also...again the wick tied to a pencil across the top. Those are VERY pretty if you can do them over the course of two or three days. Fill the carton with crushed ice and 1/3 with one color the first day, drain, 1/3 crushed ice and 1/3 with another color the second day, drain, and 1/3 crushed ice and 1/3 with a third color the last day. and drain again. SO many things you can do.

Another fun mold to use is a toilet paper tube, or paper towel tube. Placing the tube in a bucket of sand, with a wick suspended on a dowel, you can cut up blocks and triangles of solid colored wax and fill the tube with them, and then pour white wax to fill in the spaces when you are done.

Dipping is another method we tried, but the girls didn't like it. It was too time consuming.
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I’ve made those✨@waleskinder
Disposal · 36-40, M
No, but I did try my hand at candle dipping. Which is where you constantly dip in different colours of wax pots till it blends into a variety of meshed colours
@Disposal sounds cool!
i wish i would, maybe after i've passed my exams...i need to pick up some hobbies.
My husband has it wasn’t for me too messy lol 😂

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