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Feds allocate 10million to combat violence in rural Alaska?

Wtf 馃槀
Bears aren鈥檛 violent, just determined
Oh, those naughty bears!
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
Why is that funny? I looked up the story, apparently there is a disproportionate amount of violence and sexual assault in native communities, and this money is being used to combat that.

I would think this is a good thing.
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
@KaiserSolze I don't agree with that. You'll be waiting a long time for "complete social reform" to happen, if it ever happens. In the meantime this helps a rarely serviced and apparently needy community. It's a start.
@KaiserSolze the amount of money they need gets decided by statistical data. Here you're assuming that $100 million won't be enough however they do it in scientific way.

Whenever excessive amount is used in name of fixing social problems, corruptions happen, which is frequent in developing nations.

That money will be used for cctvs and other equipments necessary to tackle problems. You won't hesitate to bash if you find there's something wrong there but when they try to fix their problems you find faults in that too.
KaiserSolze46-50, F
@SW-User America needs to sort out its homeless issue and provide its citizens with free health care.
Johnson21261-69, M
I will tell you WTF, as usual the whites of European descent don't have a violence problem but have to pay to take care of the minorities who can't control themselves. Sounds racists but it is true, the most violent places on the planet are inhabited by people of color. The funding will pay for additional village and tribal officers and to pay for equipment and training.
KaiserSolze46-50, F
@Johnson212 what a load of BS. Poverty causes it.

America is incredibly and inherintally racist though so you're right, "people of colour" in America are treated the worst and have far far fewer opportunities.

When it was a black man against a woman in the elections I thought "we'll see if America is more racist or more sexist"

Going by that and the spate of trans women being killed and the banning of abortions America is definitely more sexist than racist. But that doesn't lessen the racism.

It's a bigoted, repressive regime the USA. Beats Russia hands down. They have a criminal who killed his way to the top - that's a real land of opportunity. The US has fat cats and golden hand shakes and no "average American" of any nationality or gender stood a chance.
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
and why is that bad?

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