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Nike make Colin Kaepernick the face of its 'just do it' campeign..

whos the better ex footballer come shoe salesman
Colin or Al Bundy ?
MarineBob · 56-60, M
At least AL loved his country
Steve42 · 56-60, M
Colin is a man of principles.
@Steve42 how many police stations did he kneel out front of in the off season..

what the hell did a game that gave him millions of dollars and fans do to him?

misguided moron is what he is...
Quakertrucker · 70-79, M

There is definitely an issue with police shooting OFTEN unarmed black men - particularly in car stops.

All Kaepernick has done - and is doing - is using the fame and the fans he has from playing in the NFL to bring much needed attention - and corrective actions - to this situation.

The players that knelt - almost to a man - placed their hand over their heart as a sign of respect and love. They did not then - and never have since - attacked our country, contrary to the tweet ATTACKS by Trump.

The number of black men shot in these circumstances far outweighs the number of white men shot in similar situations.

Due to their fame, it is unlikely that one of the players themselves would be shot in a police stop, But, it could be their son, their nephew, their uncle, or even their father. The players are simply using the fame they have to attempt to protect those they love from needless violence or even death.

Their fame is the only tool available for them to use. Some say that the players should simply play the game, collect their money, and keep their mouths shut. The people who say this are the real Un-Americans here!

Back in the late 60's and early 70's, with all of the protests over the Vietnam War, some said "My Country - Right or Wrong - My Country.". I always preferred "My Country, May She Always Be Right!"

The players are simply trying to fix a problem that exists, so as to make our - MY - country the best She can possibly be.

Over the 252 years of our history, many problems have been brought to people's attention and have been corrected, making our country stronger and a more perfect union. Slavery and the vote for women are two such issues that immediately come to mind.

And, allowing women to vote was a fairly recent correction coming less than 100 years ago in our 252 year history. And, just as there are some who see no problem with the police shooting black men, rather than
using restraint, there are those - mostly men, except for Ann Coulter - that want to repeal the 19th Amendment to take the vote back away from women. Check it out on the internet.

According to some, it is fine for white suppremacists to march - and even to kill, as the Ku Klux Klan did to 6 prople protesting. KKK talk in Charlotte, North Carolina in the late 70's, and as one angry man did to a protesting women in Charlottesville last year - but it is Verboten for a football player to drop to one knee (even with his hand over his heart) to raise the issue of police violence toward black men.

I used the word Verboten to suggest a Nazi fascist mindset on the part of those who attack the players. The players are the true Americans here; not their attackers.

By the way, just for your information - before you start painting me as whatever your demon of the day is - I am a 67 year old white male, happily married to a wonderful woman, born and bred in the South (Kentucky), who voted for Nixon in 1972 and Reagon in 1980.

I just happen to believe in equal rights and equal treatment for all. Can you say the same?


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