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I mean if kids get so frustrated in schools to shoot it up, they certainly wouldnt of been ready for college and career life..

what would they of done then? burn the states down ???
Longpatrol · 31-35, M
They’ve poor social skills. Make it hard for them to make friends and so they keep to themselves and sink into some dark shit because a human connection is something they can’t comprehend.
TuxedoMask · M
I honestly don’t think kids shoot up schools because they are “frustrated”. Deep hatred and metal illness is what makss them.
This is a product of lowered discipline. Social plasticity. And over coddling.
Subsumedpat · 36-40, M
It is because they are coddled. Kids who grow up with a hard life don't do these things.
a moralistic society is no more, look at japan and other countries and how they raise their kids. there is a code of ethics and taught to be responsible to strive for excellence. kids dont have respect for anything so any kind of altercation they want to create violence. many adults are that way as well its not just kids its has become a society norm.
A lot of school shootings are by adults
MethDozer · M
Kids aren't taught how to compartmentalize emotions and instead are taught to live in their "feels". That their feelings are the most important aspects of themselves and their lives.
TuxedoMask · M
@MethDozer yes personality and emotions is what makes a person a person. When it's unstable they go off the henges.
MethDozer · M
@TuxedoMask Feelings are not how one should define themselves. They are illusions. Living in ones emotions and feelings is recipe for destruction.

At some point one needs to suck it up, put it away, and deal. That isn't taught or encouraged anymore. Dwelling on it and focusing on it is what's celebrated now.

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