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Skipped the tub out of hot water 馃槖

The pilot on the hot water heater went out
It鈥檚 a 120 gallon tank so it鈥檚 gonna be an hour before it gets hot.
I鈥檒l just try again tomorrow

What are you up to tonight SWeeps?
SageWanderer70-79, M
Your not having any luck are you? No heat last night, leaking faucet earlier then no hot water now. I think you need to move the dog and climb in bed!
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
[@516380,nudewalker] I moved her to my feet I鈥檓 already in bed 馃榿
Degbeme61-69, M
You really aren`t having any luck with water these last few days, are you? 馃槙
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
[@72117,Degbeme] apparently not lol 馃槀
But hey at least the heat is working now
Degbeme61-69, M
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] Oh that is good to hear. 馃
Im sucking on a cough drop 馃槃馃槃
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] yeah im feeling way better but the cough stuck with me and my hub got sick and i hope he's not passing it back to me Again.. I will go nuts if that happens 馃槼馃槼
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
[@209334,ZeroG] you鈥檒l be ok
I hope you鈥檙e at 100% again
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] thank you 馃槉馃檪馃憤馃徏
Virgo7956-60, M
That's a big water heater!
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
[@349935,Virgo79] it鈥檚 for a 6 unit building
Virgo7956-60, M
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] ok got it馃槈
6am here, just got up for work
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
[@280888,QuietWater] have a nice day
I鈥檓 watching anime, surprise
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
[@20628,SailorMarz] 馃檭
GoodoldBob61-69, M
Oh that is sad. Be careful! With the pilot light out there is a danger of leaking gas
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
[@108252,GoodoldBob] hubby aired out the mechanical room first and then lit it
hippyjoe195561-69, M
Why did the pilot light go out?
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
[@10033,hippyjoe1955] the landlord was working on the boiler earlier today because it failed so he had to order a part last night and came to fix it today.

Anyways he must鈥檝e been going in and out of the mechanical room and it probably just went out due to a draft or something

Maybe he shut it off and forgot to turn it back on.

I really don鈥檛 know so I鈥檓 just speculating
hippyjoe195561-69, M
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] OK makes more sense now.
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
[@10033,hippyjoe1955] hubby did say that the little window in the basement was open so that could have just recently happened

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