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If you were to go to jail - What would probably be the crime?

Murder. 馃槇
@JupiterDreams That's my girl
ManicMicah22-25, M
Smoking weed. As it is illegal in all but five(?) states, if I were to get caught with it or smoking it, I'd be arrested.
Being phobic when it comes to locked doors, I can't imagine. It would have to be mistaken identity. Fear keeps me pretty honest.
FurryFace61-69, M
loitering being on the street too poor to get a decent lawyer can't pay fine go to Jail
Steeling cheap chapstick
@HelloHelloNde I only know one thing for sure, about myself, [b][i]IF [/i][/b] I were to do something that would see me locked up anywhere, it wouldn't be for anything small, or unimportant. And I'd never make it to trial. Being locked in, trapped anywhere, is more than terrifying to me. I couldn't live through weeks of it, let alone months or years. My old heart would stop.
Effloresce26-30, F
Either weed or downloading stuff illegally
I dont even want to imagine that
Having sex in the Sistine chapel.
MikefromEP51-55, M
Killing a pedophile
Awesome stuff
Robbing a bank 馃槢
NankerPhelge61-69, M
Killing a terrorist.
girlyzaa26-30, F

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