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🔥🔥 Push Notifications on iPhone !! 📱🔔

Hi, everyone 🦀🐉

We're pleased to announce some great news.


[big]Push Notifications on iPhone are finally here!! 📱🔔[/big]

In 2018, we implemented Push Notifications on SimilarWorlds, which means you can receive notifications on your devices even if SW isn't open. While most devices supported these, unfortunately iPhones did not support them.

[b][u]Apple has finally released iOS 16.4, which supports Push Notifications !![/u][/b]

Below, we will show you:

1) How to upgrade to iOS 16.4

2) How to enable Push Notifications for SimilarWorlds, on iPhone


▪️ [b]How to upgrade to iOS 16.4[/b]

We recommend everyone to upgrade their iPhones to iOS 16.4.

1) Open your iPhone [b]Settings[/b]

2) Scroll down to find and select "[b]General[/b]"

3) Select "[b]Software update[/b]"

4) If you see "iOS 16.4" (or later), press "[b]Download and install[/b]"

5) Wait until the installation is complete and the phone restarted

▪️ [b]How to enable Push Notifications for SimilarWorlds, on iPhone[/b]

Push Notifications will only work on iPhone if you add SimilarWorlds as an App to your homescreen.

To do that,

1) Open "[u]similarworlds.com[/u]" on Safari

2) Press the Share button at the bottom of the screen

3) On the popup, [u]scroll down[/u] until you find "[b][u]Add to Home Screen[/u][/b]"

4) Press "[b][u]Add[/u][/b]" at the top-right corner

5) You should find "SimilarWorlds" added to your homescreen

[b]Open it.[/b] You may need to Log In again, but your username/password should be saved, from your Safari settings.

6) When you open the App, press the Notifications 🔔 icon, and then the [u]Push Notifications[/u] banner

7) If you are asked, press "[u][b]Allow[/b][/u]"


[big]New Emoji icons added 🫱🏽‍🫲🏿 + Search Bar 🔍[/big]

We've finally upgraded our Emoji list to version 15.0.

Here are a few of the new Emoji:

🫠 🫢 🫣 🫡 🫨 🫥 🫵 🫧 🪸 🪿 🪼 🪻 🪇

We've also [u][b]added a Search Bar[/b][/u] so that you can easily find any emoji you want!


[big]Upgrades to Private Messages area 💌 💭[/big]

Our Private Messages got several great upgrades:

▪️ [b]Cleaner interface[/b] - we moved a lot of the buttons and "noise" off the top of the Conversation screen, to give priority for the actual messages & threads to appear closer to the top.
Most of those buttons are now under the Menu (by clicking the orange button or by scrolling to the bottom of the page, on mobiles).
The Search button can be found at the top-right corner.

▪️ [b]Pin Messages[/b] - you can now Pin messages so they never leave the top of the list.
We added a new menu to each of the message threads in the main list.
Press the "3 lines" black icon at the right side, to find the "Pin Message" option.

▪️ [b]Search User[/b] - if you can't easily find a user's message thread, or you want to initiate a conversation with a new user quickly, you can simply search any username on the new Search Bar we added to the Private Messages area.

▪️ [b]Last Online[/b] - right from the Conversation page, you can see when was a user last online. VIP members can see a more accurate Date.
If you disable your Last Online Date, you won't be able to see other people's Last Online Date either.

▪️ [b]Exact Seen message[/b] - up until this upgrade, VIP users could know if the recipient has Seen your last message sent, if your last message is the last in the conversation. But now, we moved the "Seen" indicator to each of the specific messages, so you can know exactly what was the last message the recipient has seen. Please remember this is a VIP-only feature.

▪️ [b]Know when a New Message arrived[/b] - while you are in the Conversation page with someone, you will know when a new message arrived, and can easily refresh the conversation without having to leave it.

[big]... and much more! 🚀[/big]

We are continuously working on improving security and other technical elements.
As usual, we always work in correcting known glitches, fix bugs, and make improvements to the System, Security and User Interface.


Thank you for your support.

We are constantly listening to your suggestions, so please keep giving them to us, as they are very important to the future of SimilarWorlds.

Very kind regards, 🧡
- The SW Team
MrBrownstone · 46-50, M
Thanks for the thorough explanation!
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
Thanks guys! Some really good stuff here. 🙂
496sbc · 36-40, M
Tnx god. Im happy u guys did this.
Loretta78 · 41-45, F
Thank you for your work. 👍
MellyMel22 · F
[i][c=BF0080]Thank you..[/c][/i]
ChampagneOnIce · 51-55, F
Thank you!!
Yay congrats..
SamanthaStevens · 22-25, F
Awesome that you guide people through the software update as well 🙌🏽
AdaXI · 41-45, T
Big thanks to the team for all the effort. x I mean I know sometimes things are a bit rough and I probably said things not realising the pressure you are under but I know you guys work very hard and I [b]really[/b] do appreciate all the effort you put in to this place x
Android rules
Nuno · Admin
@Queendragonfly SW implemented Push Notifications in 2018, which worked on Android and most other devices, except iPhone.
Apple only started supporting Push Notifications in 2023, with this iOS 16.4 upgrade.
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
Aevann · 41-45
Magenta · F
Thank you!
A little off topic, oops, but would it be possible to increase the character limit for 'photo description' in albums? I like to write there and share poems and many times I run out of of space.
Nuno · Admin
@Magenta Hello. Thank you for your suggestion. This should be increased now, if you want to give it a try. Please let me know if it doesn't work.
Magenta · F
@Nuno Hi.
Yay!! Thank you so much. Let me try it out.
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
Thank you so much
Carissimi · 61-69, F
Thank you. I have an iPhone, but it’s too old to get this update. I’m fine with seeing my notifications when I log in, but I know this will be good news to many.
Does the emoji search bar actually work, though???

I looked for "Owl"... 🦉and it came back with nothing...
Nuno · Admin
@HootyTheNightOwl Hello. I tried this too, and it works for me. If you try again, like the screenshot in @NerdyPotato's comment above, does it still not show to you?
🫵🏻 🫡 🏆
i like the pin messages function can we customize our profile like color and background?
Similar worlds should have a swiftUI variant let’s Comunity colab one 🙌
This sounds very cool, thanks
JohnOinger · 41-45, M
@Nuno please bring more women on here
Loretta78 · 41-45, F
Thanks for your work.
Ambroseguy80 · 51-55, M
Sounds great Nuno, but I think I will pass. 😄
Longpatrol · 31-35, M
I'm surprised folk asked for push notifications lol
MrBrownstone · 46-50, M
@Longpatrol I didn’t.
Longpatrol · 31-35, M
@MrBrownstone I normally turn all of them off
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
®️ Nuno for rich people. Me for poor people. Long live the revolution ®️
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Push notifications are one of reasons why I don't want any app! Email is good enough. Even there I severely limit emails to just comments.

Just my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Just noticed one email option though that I haven't seen before...

[quote][c=000000]Someone initiated a Private Message Thread[/c][/quote]

What is this about and how is it different from ...

[quote][c=000000]Someone replied to a Private Message[/c][/quote] [center]⁉️[/center]

I don't see how threads in PM's apply! 🤔

Not like you can really comment to a comment in PM's. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Post comments, yes. Whiteboards yes. Photoboard comments, yes!

Yet how in PM's‽ 🤷🏻‍♂️
@DeWayfarer okay, replace "nothing" in that first one with new message within PM thread then. 🤷
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@NerdyPotato now does it make sense?

It doesn't to me!
@DeWayfarer it does to me, but in the end the options are what they are and they give you pretty much full control. Then it doesn't really matter whether it makes sense. So I'm going to head out of this thread and wish you a good day. 🙂

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