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Strange retirement .

British old man : I wish to retire in thailand .
Thailand person : Welcome .

Spanish old man : I wish to retire in peru .
Peru person : Welcome .

Thailand old man : I wish to retire in britain .
Britain person : Brown people are not needed in our country .

Peru old man : I wish to retire in spain .
Spain person : Only our race shall live here .
It's economics.
Many poor countries welcome Western retirees because they bring income with them.
Western countries see retirees from poor countries as a burden on the state - but if they are wealthy, that's a different story.
Britain has welcomed millions of people from its former colonies, especially those who are young enough to have families and contribute through their work. But it's getting harder now. The country is becoming overpopulated. Climate change is causing disasters for food production. The UK is now in an economic downhill slide. Unless it takes lessons in productivity from a country with little land and big crowds, like Japan, it is likely to continue struggling.

Racism occurs in [i]all[/i] countries.
Max4126-30, M
@hartfire That is why our thieves are living in Britain 馃槄 .
Although most people are rich due to their hard work .
Wealth is relative. How one defines what is rich depends on what one lives with as a norm.

By world standard, Britain's a very expensive country to live in.
The govt stats on who is rich show the percentages.
Everywhere around the world at present, the poor are growing more numerous, the middle classes are shrinking (except in India), and the few rich are getting much richer.
Sazzio31-35, M
IDK whether to laugh or cry. Anyways, am 100% certain UK doesn't mix up colours. We call a black person black, white is white and Thai would be Asian whereas Pakistani / India would be Indians (sorry, Pakistani)! But Indian n Pakistani share same skin colour.
Max4126-30, M
Not all Africans are black , most are brown . Many are even light brown .

Not every small eyed asian is light skinned , if you have ever seen them .

These things shall be released , not cried or laughed , with the smoke .

It is weird that people are not divided by their trade unions ,
but by their race unions .
WintaTheAngle41-45, M
Cry my a river.
Max4126-30, M
@WintaTheAngle You may cry it wunta .
WintaTheAngle41-45, M
@Max41 Idan na damu zan. Amma banyi ba.
Max4126-30, M
@WintaTheAngle Kai wa wa ne .

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