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I am beholden unto thee all to make an announcement

I'm a lying down and may not be very active here, i'll be floating on a couple edibles for a few hours flying on the magic carpet known as the signature edition, and maybe saying a word here and there, misspelling at these times is more likely than when i'm in the living room, then will the pills i'll be eating cream cheese cocoa puffs with the dragon master and his seven thievish elves, at the round table, i'll say, hey Arthur, gimme a poem, and you Hildegaard, pluck that harp, and they'll carry me off on a cloud of greyish pink, over deserted islands, where boats once swam, and and and and i'll wake up to check SW and then dream a little dream of Little Richard and his wacky pipe smoking carribbean monkey balancing act.

sounds and sweet airs that give delight ahhh what a day i've had, thank you i wish i could stay up and be the wholesome weirdo all the time.
bookerdana · M
Misspelling is kinda my middle name,it make some question my intellectual prowess🫣
No pills need apply
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Jarffff · 46-50
@bookerdana i could hear your accent there, like from Trainspotting!!
bookerdana · M
@Jarffff More Beowolf🙈

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