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Round 5 and inappropriate jokes

Chemo today. I was sitting next to a woman who also had breast cancer. It spread to her brain.
“I got tiddies on the brain,” she joked. We both laughed, but she laughed a little harder because it’s her cancer. Like how I make jokes about my own and think it’s hilarious while everyone else is horrified.

I remember watching a Justice League movie where a bunch of them ended up dead or mutilated and enslaved by some hostile alien. Lois Lane was getting remaining heroes together to fight him, and sought out the Suicide Squad as well, which was being led by Harley Quinn. Everyone Lois encountered had some story about how so-and-so or someone else died in the war (billions around the world had died). She made a comment about how she couldn’t believe Amanda Waller gave up leadership to Harley.

“She died,” Harley said. Then added, “Of [i]cancer![/i]” and started cracking up laughing while everyone else, even the other villains, stared at her in horror. It was hilarious.

Maybe the jokes are funnier because people’s reactions.
JohnnyNoir · 56-60, M
I kept asking my oncologist what super powers I could expect from the radiation. I wanted something special like glow nads. I believe you need some self directed humor about having cancer
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JohnnyNoir · 56-60, M
@Colonelmustardseed I should have asked for a bigger dick
@JohnnyNoir My immediate thought was tumors would make them bigger, and then [i]I[/i] was horrified this time. 😱
Well, it sounds as though you and your chemo bud have definitely *earned* the right to make these jokes and laugh.

The ability to laugh at this disease helps not only relieve stress, but sort of put it in its place...it has come after you, but you can still laugh.
one of those 'you can laugh or you can cry, but you gotta do one' sorts of things. and laughter doesn't get old.
@stound Yes, exactly.
nedkelly · 61-69, M
Why do blind people never bungy jump, because it scares the fuck out of the dog 🐕
Lilymoon · F
Love your stories you're a warrior
@Lilymoon Thank you.
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
How far have you been?
@Johnconnor Almost done with chemo. One round to go after this. Then it’s just immunotherapy, and we see how that goes.
It's the one of a few things that's got my friend theough her treatments.
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
You gotta laugh or you will cry. Laughter is healing and I hope that you heal from this.
@iamonfire696 That’s true. Thank you. 🙂
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
@Colonelmustardseed You’re welcome 💖

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