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Y'all think he's tired of me? That was really abrupt 馃拃 idk.

Reminds me of [i]that[/i] guy (from work I been whining about forever now lol) who would tell me to "go to sleep" when in reality he was just trying to say "shut up and get lost, ion wanna talk to you, you're annoying and I have better things to do and better people to talk to".


Same vibes? Or I'm just overthinking?
Queendragonfly31-35, F
Can't see the image but if you have to ask strangers on SW about your date's intentions, maybe you should reconsider dating him.

After all you should date someone you feel comfortable communicating with.
assemblingaknob26-30, F
LittleBallOfFire22-25, F
Honestly if a guy genuinely wants to talk to you they'll keep trying. Esp if you don't like how his abruptness is making you feel. But he could just be tired af. Just see how he is tomorrow
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@LittleBallOfFire I understand.
@assemblingaknob 馃because of this guy at work do not draw comparisons with your boyfriend he may of been a little tired and wanted too sleep maybe
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@smiler2012 possibly. I'll try not to think about it.
pdockal56-60, M
What training ?
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@pdockal jusk workplace stuff. I have a couple years to go. He's waiting to finish something too. Idk that convo ended so abruptly idk if I said something wrong
pdockal56-60, M

Why does it bother you ?
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@pdockal I just mentioned why in my post?

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