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I had a long conversation with my best guy friend last week…

It was his birthday, and he reminded me of his birthday years ago, when we’d just met. He was one of the students in a class I was teaching for the sales staff of our company. He was walking around during break saying, "It’s my birthday ! I’m 26 today. What is a good gift for a 26 year old ?" He was joking, and we laughed.

I looked up from my desk and said, "Your [b]gift[/b] is that you’re 26, although you probably won’t believe that at this point…"
Everyone laughed at that, and he said, "Touché !"
He was very well-liked by the class, and we gave him a cake and took him out to supper that evening..

He remembered everything of that conversation and said he’d thought back on it over the years, that it was funny how one takes youth for granted. It was a nice conversation, and I wished him a happy 50th birthday.
pentacorn · F
neither of you knew then that you'd be reminiscing about that nowadays. it's nice when things come back around many years later like that. sweet post, bb 😊
windinhishair · 61-69, M
We had a young office, and when I was 35 I was one of the older employees there. We had a new secretary and after her first couple of weeks I asked her how she liked working there. She proceeded to tell me that she liked it, but wasn't used to working around so many old people. Ouch!

I reminded her of that comment every year, especially when she turned 35.
@windinhishair Yes ! 😊
starmitzy · 51-55, F
How lovely that he remembered that so clearly
sciguy18 · M
Youth is wasted on the young...
Pfuzylogic · M
Yes but I do remember 50 to be the first “black” birthday! It is obviously a moment of importance of someone remembers remarks that long ago. it sounds like you were very smart to create rewarding relationships with those in class.
Punxi · 26-30, F
Ima' end up readin' this a hundred times.... The "his part"in your memory is indeed a gift......But its more so your impact upon him that stands out most for it remains [i]his[/i] experience of which, becoming to know you; I can relate.
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
Awww I love this story. Thanks for posting it. How awesome you're still good friends.
@Starcrossed Thank you. 😊
JustNik · 51-55, F
Nice to share such long memories with someone! 😄
@JustNik When I met him, his daughter was six months old. He and his wife (who also became a close friend) subsequently had two sons, I’m their godmother. The daughter made them grandparents in 2020. So much time has passed.
Dino11 · M
He had a great teacher.
AngelKrish · 26-30, M
Lovely 🤗

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