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I say the perfect combination of toppings on a pizza is peppeoni, onions and mushrooms.

If you agree, you are a wise person.

If you disagree, I think you need to take steps to improve your palate.

...and please don't be offended by my statements. I'm making an honest attempt to improve your life.
Where’s the pineapple?
tindrummer · M
Elessar · 26-30, M
@SW-User 🍍🍕😊🤤😋❤️
KimmyGary · F
I would take onions off and put hard salami on it
For me its sausage mushroom and black olive
Ontheroad · M
Drop the pepperoni, add jalapenos, green olives, and dill pickles and you'll thank me.
tindrummer · M
@Ontheroad 🤢
AlchemyFox · 36-40, F
Pineapple, bacon and banana peppers
Strictmichael75 · 61-69, M
In your dreams
I’d take the onions off and add black olives.
MethDozer · M
Onions make pizza watery.

Pepperoni, olives, meatballs, hot peppers
Elessar · 26-30, M
@MethDozer [quote]meatballs[/quote]
Try sausage instead!
Extra cheese, double pepperoni, Italian sausage, pineapple, black olives, mushrooms, and onions, on regular crust. I also like honey bbq sauce, chicken, pineapple, black olives, and onions, on a thin crust. cc: @Lilnonames

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