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How do you spend your morning time?

What do you do right after you wake up?

I feel pretty guilty for just grabbing my phone and scrolling right when I open my eyes. I am not a morning person at all and it's a big struggle to get up, so I'll just keep bombarding myself with useless content which seems like a terrible way to start a day.

I tried reading, it seems hard to find a book easy enough for my morning brain but entertaining at the same time. Meditation, feels like I'm falling back to sleep. I have no pets to pet, which is a great meditation by itself.鈽曗槙馃馃挒馃ケ

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Sonam26-30, F
@Submissiveiendencies thats nice image is so low quality lol 馃槀

Sonam26-30, F
@captainPicard1 馃槍鈽曗槙馃崸馃崸馃挒
Fentonisfree51-55, MVIP
Pumpkin spice latte
Sonam26-30, F
@Fentonisfree 馃ぉ馃挒馃敟馃崼馃崼
JimboSaturn51-55, M
I let my dogs out and them feed them. I refresh their water and change the "pee pads" and put them in the washing machine. Then I make coffee and empty the dishwasher. After all that, I sit and watch the news and drink coffee for an hour.
Sonam26-30, F
@Spoiledbrat 馃槆鈽曗槙馃崸馃崸i drink also hot coffee in hot hot morning 馃き
DownTheStreet51-55, M
I鈥檝e tried to get away from social media first thing, so I try to get up grab a coffee and sit on the back patio and listen to light music and nature. It鈥檚 a work in progress, but it鈥檚 helping.
Jenny123451-55, F
I get up, check weather and news and go to gym. Then I come home and get ready for work if I have a few spare minutes then I will check this group
I shower , then let my dog out, feed her and then feed myself.
Sonam26-30, F
@Sevendays good ur walking with dog 馃槀鈽曗槙馃崹馃崹
@Sonam yes, good for both of us.
OldBrit61-69, M
I slowly pull myself up. Take my first round of medication. Drink the tea my wife so kindly gets for me. Do the bed exercises before getting up and finishing the exercise regime. Depends on how that goes. It a vertigo attack is induced I normally lay back down and try to repeat until a degree of stability is achieved before heading for breakfast.
Sonam26-30, F
@OldBrit that's good buddy 馃敟馃挒鈽曗槙馃き
first thing when I'm up is to brush my teeth.
then coffee and phone.
Sonam26-30, F
@BridgeOvertroubledWaters good then u teeth is very clean shining 馃榿馃ぃ馃き
Musicman61-69, M
The first thing I do is go to the bathroom. Then I make the bed. Next I turn off the exterior garage door lights and open the plantation shutters on the front windows. Then I feed the cat. After that I sit in my recliner and go through all of my emails from the night. Once that's done I log into SW.
Sonam26-30, F
@Musicman 馃槆馃馃憣馃槍鈽曗槙馃崸馃崸馃敟
Degbeme70-79, M
Coffee, laptop.
Sonam26-30, F
@Degbeme 馃構鈽曗槙馃嵃馃嵃
2ndtimeguy61-69, M
Coffee then I plan my day
Sonam26-30, F
@2ndtimeguy great 馃槆馃挒馃敟馃憣鈽曗槙
AndrewG22-25, M
Bathroom, coffee and back in bed since I work nights
Sonam26-30, F
@AndrewG 馃鈽曗槙馃崸馃崸馃敟
An hour of brisk walking with my wife, weather permitting
SalttyDawg70-79, M
I usually head to the shower to take care of the morning wood 馃槃
Get up, have a shower, leave for work.
Sonam26-30, F
@Fluffybull 馃槆馃挒鈽曗槙馃崹馃崹good

Working on herb garden
I grab and admire my morning wood
Kumar00736-40, M
Seems big fan of tea
Quimliqer70-79, M
romell51-55, M
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Wake up 4:30am
Turn on low level lights
Chill and become fully awake while the cats come for pets and scritches.
Half an hour later i grab water, feed cats, do makeup, get dressed, have another drink, pack work bag, brush teeth and leave by about 5:30 am...

... and work .

I don't really like getting up so early, but it means i have the middle of the day free .

How come you don't work?
Is it tough to get a job?
Sonam26-30, F
@OogieBoogie no i am work from home kitchen job cook food me and my friend then go bedroom sleeping each other in one blanket 馃き馃鈽曗槙馃崸馃崸kiss and hug for u wake up 4.30am really good buddy 馃槆
@Sonam oh id live a job wjere i could fo that .cooking is so creative.馃憤
Sonam26-30, F
@OogieBoogie yes i cook some indian food like dal bathi momos piza burger etc u come my home to eat my hand breakfast and lunch 馃き馃馃槀

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