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$2,000 Tip [I Always Tip Well]

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• This is why I usually don't tip waiters/waitresses large amounts while they're working. I have left large tips in the past, and I always offer to meet them outside after their shift ends, if they're comfortable with it. These people barely make any money as it is, so they rely on tips. I don't trust their managers to not screw them over. Therefore, when I give a large tip, I do so at a different time. "It's not a tip. Maybe it's a personal donation. Maybe I'm paying that individual for providing a service unrelated to that job. Maybe... just maybe... it's none of your damn business."

Maybe I'll slip the waiter/waitress a note: "Tip -- PayPal? Venmo? Drop some cash on the bathroom floor (oopsy)? Something else? Your choice! It stays between us. Merry Christmas! 🙂"
I saw this when it happened. I don't live there but stuffs like this is enough to make sure that business never gets a dime from me.
@SooperSarah I fully agree.
dont leave the tip on the card. give the server or bartender a cash tip. make sure the business doesnt get one red cent of it.

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