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Honey is so expensive!!!!! $30 for a container that only cost $10 a short time ago.馃槶

I'm seriously thinking about collecting a wild hive and just telling the code enforcement pricks that those bees chose to be here...馃悵馃悵馃悵馃悵 Of their own free will!
Can't believe you need a permit to have bees.馃が
We were told that to have bees they had to be up on our roof.
I find that odd. but at least we could have them, though I dont know about getting up on the roof. Its a three story house.
@nonsensiclesnail Commiefornia.
@UnderLockDown everything is expensive there, I'm told.
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I got four free qts

@UnderLockDown got all this too

@Lilnonames Stocked up for the fall of society.馃槅
@UnderLockDown got way more lol
Because people are deathly alergic to their venom, you could be held liable if the bee in question is linked to your hive, my older maternal cousin has hives here in iowa and has to carry liability insurance on top of her permits.
@UnderLockDown She pays $1,000 a year.
@NativePortlander1970 Wow!! That's insane!
@UnderLockDown So it's not just california

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