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My Mr. Daisy

My 15 year old cat Mr. Daisy will come into my room and meow at me like he wants something; and then I have to follow him, as he likes to be petted at his food dish as he eats! I thought he wanted outside!
{@saintsong] 馃槅you certainly know who is boss when you have a cat馃槅it is certainly never you
saintsong41-45, F
@smiler2012 I know right!!! And rightfully so lol!
Yes, of course. I just got bitten when I slowed down the neck rubbing.
my cat was like that too. she calmed down as i petted her while she ate.
ButterRobot51-55, M
he looks incredible for being 15.
saintsong41-45, F
@ButterRobot Daisy says thank you!
Lol too cute
REMsleep41-45, F
Funny I've only had dogs and they tend to dislike anyone touching them as they eat. Mine still like to grab his food and run into a hiding spot sometimes to eat it.

Why Mr. Daisy? Is Daisy his last name?
saintsong41-45, F
@REMsleep Yeah Dogs and alot of cats are like that? His first name is Daisy we just call him Mr.
saintsong41-45, F
Cause its a girls name!
Same with this guy as well. Ngl. He actually thinks if no one is petting him he can't eat.
@saintsong Tbh honest, I think it gives them a sense of security and reassurance that everything is going to be ok. I can't imagine what else it could be honestly. I've thought about it quite a few times.
saintsong41-45, F
@Bang5luts You may be right, Mr. Daisy is such a gentleman he always waits patiently for our two females to eat first when it comes to dry cat food. They each have their own dish when it comes to wet cat food.
@saintsong what an awesome cat you have!! Not joking. That is awesome. I have never seen that from a male cat in the past. Only from female waiting for males. Crazy
I added his picture. 馃槅

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