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OMF i forgottttt what cheers me up

I watch it likeeee every 6 months but i forgot this year-ish 2022 :( time for the empire strikes back :) no offence to the star trek peeps
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calicuz · 51-55, M

Great scene, love this film!!!
@calicuz i love it cuz its legit any religions ideals

twiigss · M
I've always loved Star Wars. It's pretty wild for me because Episode 4 came out on May 25th 1977, and I was born on May 5th of that same year. My brother was born on May 20th, 3 years later.
KiwiBird · 36-40, F
This group is about Breakfast Food.....you eating the Empire?
That chase through the woods.
KiwiBird · 36-40, F
Whatever cheers you up,
Do it. 🤗
Kwek00 · 41-45, M
Kwek00 · 41-45, M
@TryingtoLava KANEDA?
@Kwek00 ahhh whateves ik you know ik the reference to akira
@jjoe01 AempireSTrikesback!!!!
I'm a trekie and am offened:P
@canusernamebemyusername hahaha you think spock is diff than yoda??
@TryingtoLava Hmmm... I never put those two together actually. Good observation!
Jedi code/spock code
Live long and prosper, Lava 🖖
@DrScissorhands may the force be with you miss scissor :)
calicuz · 51-55, M
Great movie!!!
vetguy1991 · 51-55, M
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
DDonde · 31-35, M
it's a great movie
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