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On the Great British Baking Show....why don't they do weddings as a theme?

They could do the Groom's cake, The tea cakes made up to look like the rehearsal dinner cakes....tables and chairs and people...and then a wedding cake...
thisguy20 · 41-45, M
I think they did a wedding cake

What they haven't done is funeral fudge
@thisguy20 i have never seen a wedding cake on there...maybe accidentally, but not as an assignment
Camelia · F
I was under the impression they did.
@Camelia no they have cake week...
My Grandfather was a hobbyist baker that often did wedding cakes that were often elaborate, those things can get very complicated real fast, plus modern society now ridicules marriage as a whole. He was also a serious hobbyist photographer with his own darkroom and would shoot their wedding photos on a discount if he made their cakes.
@NativePortlander1970 people were all Jack's of all trades back then... a shame we lost that
@LILY61 Because the internet took over and people lost interest.

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