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I'm exhausted ! today i made..

'cheese' - i made soya milk from soya beans and then that to tofu
milk - almond milk
yoghurt - almond yoghurt (that'll be ready tomorrow)
Wow! Good for you and very interesting! Please show the finished product!馃 When it鈥檚 ready!
elafina31-35, F
@Oster1 like an official stalker? 馃榿馃
@elafina Well, I could be, if you said the right secret code!馃馃榿馃尫
@elafina Wouldn鈥檛 be the first time !馃榿
SeadragonPrincess26-30, F
Why not just use the real stuff?
SeadragonPrincess26-30, F
@elafina Um if humans can make some transporter it's a paralell world of sorts...then again i don't want humans coming here especially seeing all the "but slay dragon brave hue hue" shit like come on we did nothing
elafina31-35, F
@SeadragonPrincess and what helped you transport there?
SeadragonPrincess26-30, F
@elafina oh i'm not a human i'm a seadragon i transported here somewhat...well i in soul reached out and now puppet a human...i got here with magic. I donno how your stuff works
Buildingadoor26-30, F
wow that sounds so much fun. :) wish i was your neighbor! i'd steal some from your fridge.
Buildingadoor26-30, F
@elafina fair enough 馃榿
elafina31-35, F
@Buildingadoor deal come on over! tip- if you're interested i'd suggest you begin with milk, soya or almond milk, once you're comfortable with those then proceed to the rest
Buildingadoor26-30, F
@elafina 馃
It takes time to see fruits of your labor
elafina31-35, F
@ABCDEF7 i like this concept
Nanori31-35, F
elafina31-35, F
@Nanori don't i have to get a bull too then?
cherokeepatti61-69, F
I made soy milk and tofu one time. It was more work to clean the pans & blender then it was to make the soy milk and tofu, so sticky to every thing,
elafina31-35, F
@cherokeepatti hmm it was also for me the first time..a nightmare! i didn't have a proper milk cloth (nor do now, but i know how to handle what i have now!) so the moment i squeezed the remaining soya beans left on the cloth, so to take out the last drops of milk, the fabric teared apart and splash <<soya beans ALL OVER my kitchen>>, the cleaning afterwards was very VERY discouraging for making it again..
BUT, a good friend encouraged me, he said, it's only your first time, always the first few times we need to figure many things how i did it again, and again and a again..and every time gets easier and better!
A tip is to stick to the milk, don't try to make anything else but milk. Once you perfect the milk, then you move on to make other stuff..that's my suggestion <3

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