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I Despise Greedy Insurance Companies

Two US residents who received treatment for coronavirus received bills exceeding three thousand even though they don’t have coronavirus.The patient is non infected but that is the staggering costs for hospital visits and other tests.
It’s a problem for the 27 million Americans without insurance, as well as insured Americans who face surprise billing or out-of-network charges.How come goverment still allow private hospital and heathcare industry to priotise make ridiculous profit margin out of this coronavirus pendemic?could possibly lead to a rise in US bankruptcy cases.
TexChik · F
Have you any clue as to what it costs to provide health care? The costs of a very new lab test? They have to keep the lights on, they have to feed the patients, and they have to provide the best care possible...none of that is free, cheap , or easy. You can , I guess, just choose to self treat if you don't think your life is worth some investment.
TexChik · F
@UsernameAlreadyInUse that’s no different than not buying homeowners insurance and a tornado strikes your home . While tragic no one else should foot the costs to replace or repair the home because of the risk the owner took By not having insurance.
UsernameAlreadyInUse · 26-30, M
@TexChik in that case the only the victim themself suffer the loss due to their own fault.This virus outbreak is so contagious they need to contain it from spreading instead of prioritize heathcare industry profit.
TexChik · F
@UsernameAlreadyInUse they are containing it as best as can be . Should the contractors who repair the house hit by the tornado not get paid ? Health care workers are no different
How do you know the hospital has an unreasonable profit margin?
UsernameAlreadyInUse · 26-30, M
@questionWeaver three thousand dollars for a flu shot and conoravirus test(not treatment) that seem unreasonable charge.
@UsernameAlreadyInUse very few hospitals actually make a profit of significance on ER services ... very likely none do

If hospitals were not forced to, most would eliminate ER services, because they lose so much money on it

Thus, they have to charge rates to recover costs
Success · 26-30, F
Luckily, I don't live in the USA. I'm mad about car insurance rates, though.
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UsernameAlreadyInUse · 26-30, M
@waleskinder They only paid visit to hospital because have the infected symptoms.

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