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Financial dilemma, advice needed

I am always wondering would it be advantageous to put more money into Superannuation (401) or to keep it in the bank.
Seems obvious with the Banks paying paltry interest rates - below 2% - whilst Super sometimes returns 8 - 9%
My concern is another financial crisis would seen Super Funds crash big time.
The Global Financial Crisis of the 2008 saw many people approaching retirement suffer catastrophic losses which destroyed their retirement plans.
Okay, I have only 6 years until I retire, but with the parlous state of affairs here in Australia right now I can see major issues continuing for many years.
My Super Fund was rated number 1 three years ago, returning 9%, this year they are number 6, with a net loss of 2.5% for 2022.
Although the fund still has the best returns over a 10 year period at 9.1%
Once the Reserve Bank of Australia starts to reduce their interest rates then the bank will immediately do the same for savings depositors.
No doubt, in 5 years depositor interest rates will be back down to 0.1% or less. There was talk mid last year that the banks might actually start charging savers to keep their money in their accounts.
Maybe I should put my money in Term Deposits at 4.1%.
There is always this, when I save money in a regular bank account, I earn interest at a fixed rate. In super, I have access to lots of ways to invest my savings, giving me more options that could earn a better return and see my savings grow faster.
But I could lose more in a Super Fund. My bank account is Government guaranteed so if the bank collapsed - (extremely unlikely) the Government would reimburse my money.
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
OK.. You are in the right country and the right situation for me to be able to help..
The short answer is any money you wont need until retirement should go into Super from now on..Also be sure your super plan is NOT set for high growth now, but a more conservative or balanced setting. This investment will give you a way better tax break than any bank deposit, or term deposit and will be managed. I make the following assumptions: That you are in a not for profit superfund, like Hesta, Host Plus, REST or one of the others..And that when you reach retirment age you will want some of the benefits of a Centrelink Pensioner benefit..I strongly suggest you message me privately for fine tuning and to clear up anything else..😷

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