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I Did A Video Practising My Punch And Kicking Speed

First attempt sloppy and lost balance.. didn't really visualise a target either. Second attempt better in my opinion. I'm going to start practising everyday and track my progress.
GuyWithOpinions · 31-35, M
Not bad. I think you need to focus on form and accuracy then come back to speed. Keep your guard higher. Just below eye level. I made the habbit of tapping my cheecks with my knuckles before i stance up. Keeps you ready to block or counter with those jabs. With that double jab. Slow it down a bit till you get the reflex to have perfect form. Make sure your legs are doing some of the momentum work. Dont throw the second jab until the first one is fully retracted or you wont have any power. With your push kicks. It works the same as the jab. Form. Dont swing your foot up with your toes. You will break them. Two steps. Bring your thigh up for the kick, then push with the ball of your feet. You can practice by gently pushing doors open with your feet. The smoother you can do it slow, the better balance and accuracy you will gain. Running, climbing and weight lifting will add power. But form is crucial.
AlteredMind · 26-30, M
@GuyWithOpinions Helpful advice, thank you

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