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Santorino speaks for God.

Heralds, not only do I examine closely the matters of Heaven, but also some matters of Earth, which have already been discussed by some spirits, or else could be discussed by them. I am doing that because much of what seems to be of little significance is, in reality very important. Besides that, you are used to the old views that kings and slaves talk in different languages, and that saint and mortals too cannot talk in the very same, understandable language.
You want Heaven to be eternally archaic. That is childish. By progressing, man approaches Heaven, which is far ahead of man. There is nothing archaic in Heaven. In Heaven there are no old men with grey beards, with old notions, old habits, and old opinions.
The existing religions were born at a time when kings ruled on Earth, they ruled over people of a lower class. Man transferred these views to his notion of the relationship between Heaven and the people, as well. These views are completely ludicrous. The Almighty, as you now know, has never wished to create slaves. Quite the contrary, His desire has always been to see man free and capable of independence, man proud of his soul- a tiny part of the Almighty’s free and great spirit. All these words-lord and slave-are alien and repulsive to the Almighty, just as are the countless flattering prayers.
The Almighty has always fought, and futilely, so far, against these endless, long winded, and unnecessary prayers. Christ firmly, definitely, and clearly, said, “Do not be as the Pharisees, who for a long time, and so that people would see them, pray to God in synagogues and on street corners. Truly they have already received their reward. Pray to God briefly.”
He gave the people the only prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, for He said, God already knows ahead of time what you desire, and what is necessary for you. But if you wish to pray to God, then do it so that no one sees you. Best of all, go to your room and close the door and shut the windows.
After all, were not the Pharisees the very same priest, and the synagogues the very same temples of God…or church. As you can see the voice of Christ has also remained the very same lonesome voice, resounding in the desert. The churches have become the very same synagogues, if not even worst ones. Prayers have not become briefer, but rather longer and emptier. They become completely mechanical, unnecessary, and even mechanical, and even harmful, for who will then listen to words which have been heard innumerable times and have become meaningless, as the memorized words of a parrot. Man prays for what is necessary and unnecessary for him. Now go ahead and know what he really wants, and what is indispensable for him.
In order to learn what is necessary for man, and what he prays for, God has to use other means to find that out, rather than listen to prayers. Only in rare cases does man indeed pray for what is indispensable to him. Why then does humanity, along with Christ, condemn the Pharisees, but itself does the same? The trouble was, that is, that the church should have become entirely different than what is has become. Without these theatrical type services, and long, numerous prayers, the church would not have anything with which to fill the time. After a brief prayer, it should busy itself with something else, with what Christ asked for, that is, with teaching the people and helping the sick and those suffering. All apostles were not saints, there were traitors among them as well. Unfortunately, the apostles were succeeded by deputies. These did not try to adhere to Christ’s teaching, and did not understand and implement them in life. Instead, they tried to adopt these teachings to their own needs and interpreted them as was more advantageous for them. The Gospel remained, but it remained buried under an entire mountain of the scared writings and interpretations of the Gospel. The Gospel was to the people in a foreign, incomprehensible Latin, or, barely understandable church language.
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Why can’t god speak for himself?

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