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Does anyone else remember or miss the full length Fox fur coat trend of the 1980s?

Okay, I was born in 1954 and raised and spent my entire life in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and one thing about that time was full-length Fox fur coats were huge in style. I remember in the early 1980s seeing ads on tv and in the newspaper of women wearing full-length Fox fur coats. I would also see women on the streets wearing them, and a few women from my office that I worked with had them, and I was so jealous of them. I remembered back in 1983; my mom got a full-length silver Fox fur coat; in 1984, my sister got a full-length shadow Fox fur coat for her birthday. I remember that come December, I went with my mom and my sister to Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and out of the three of them, I was the only woman without a fur coat. I remember standing in line in a sea of full-length foxes, minks, sables, and lynxes, and I remember hating being stuck in my cloth coat in a crowd of women in beautiful furs. After that, I was determined to get a full-length Fox fur coat by next Christmas, so I saved up as much money as possible and reached into my savings.

I took my husband to several fur coat stores and tried on 100 full-length Fox fur coats until I found the perfect full-length golden island Fox fur coat. My husband agreed to help me pay for it, and we were able to get it on a monthly payment plan we were able to buy it. I got it as an early Christmas present, and I will never forget the feeling of joy I had said goodbye to my cloth coat and hello to my beautiful full-length golden island Fox fur coat. I will never forget my sister’s jaw-dropping when she saw my coat, and then she became jealous of my fur. It also felt so good going to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra the following year with my mom and sister and the three of us all going decked out in our full-length Fox fur coats. I remember wearing the coat so much to work and to as many possible places. I just loved wearing that coat so much, and I haven’t been able to wear it since, like, 2009, since full-length Fox fur coats have gone completely out of style. I honestly wish I had a time machine so I could go back to 1986 and wear my full-length golden island Fox fur coat on the streets of Minneapolis once again.
originnone · 61-69, M
I remember Joe Namath wearing one.
NinaTina · 26-30, F
@originnone he wore nylons as well in the winter.
originnone · 61-69, M
@NinaTina Yeah, was supposedly something to do with needing calf support of something. I had two posters in my room, one of him and one of Johnny Bench.
NinaTina · 26-30, F
@originnone said to stay warm in winter
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
Not particularly, I like fur which is why it does not belong on everyone. But more importantly are you a robot?
KEMN54 · 70-79, F
Tastyfrzz · 61-69, M
I think it might becwarm enough finally not need it. SLP here. Raining today.
Dlrannie · 31-35, F
Nope but that’s because I didn’t enter the world until 1990 🙂🐼🥢

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